Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1986
Special Section
Rigidity Imparted to the Backbone Conformation by D-Amino Acid Redidues:An NMR Study of Enkephalin Analogs
p. 1117 | Dhingra, M. M; Saran, Anil

p. 1120

Special Section
Synthesis of Some Pyrazino-1,4-Benzoxanines and 1,4,-Oxazino Benzodiazepines
p. 1121 | Sudhakar, C; Chander, V. Surya; Mohan, K. Raja

p. 1124

Special Section
Use of Neutron Scattering Technique for Estimating Soil Water Contest in the Lateritic Soil of Central Kerala
p. 1125 | Viswambharan, K.

Short communications
Axenic Cultivation of ,em>Entamoeba Histolytica : Nucleic Acid Supplements Improve Aged Media Constituents
p. 1129 | Imam, Syed A

Microbial Hydrolysis of 7-Oxygenated Coumarins
p. 1131 | Bhattacharyya, P; Jash, S. S; Chakrabarty, P. K

Ruthenium(III)Catalyzed Epoxidation of Olefins by N-Methylmorholine N Oxide
p. 1132 | Caroling, G; Rajaram, J; Kuriacose, J. C

Salinity Stress Response of Plants and Calli in Wheat
p. 1133 | Malhotra, A; Rana, R. S; Sharma, D. R; Chowdhury, J. B

Vertical Banded Blight--An Unusual Marasmiellus Disease of Maize
p. 1135 | Payak, M. M; Sharma, R. C.

A New Technique for Biossay of Natural Plant Product
p. 1137 | Tewari, S. N.

Cytotoxicity of Methylisocyanate in Human Lung Epithelial Cell Line (L-132)
p. 1139 | Saraswathi, Sudipta; Pal, K. B.; Matiramani, D. P.

A Simple Technique for Assessment of Immune-Resistance of Hosts Against Giardiasis
p. 1141 | Srivastava, R. K; Agarwal, A. K; Das, S. R

Effect of Dimecron on Somatic Cells of Allium Sativum L
p. 1143 | Padmaja, C; Mogili, T

New Report on the Nodulation Status of Some Tropical Weed Legumes
p. 1145 | Subramanian, G; Manjula, K

Chromosome Studies in Calathea
p. 1146 | Mukhopadhyay,, Sandip

Stigma and Style in Cheiranthus
p. 1148 | Bhatnagar, S. P; Garo, Renu

Oxygen Utilization by Developmental Stages of Carp Eggs
p. 1150 | Mohan, M. V; Thampy, D. M; Sebastian, M. J

Development of a Monosomic Series in Triticum Aestivum CV WL 711
p. 1152 | Dhaliwal, H. S; Sharma, S. K.

An Unusual Instance of a Trophocyte and Cytoplasmic Nutritive Link in the Developing Oocytes of Dolicholepta Gracilipes Ramk and Marg (Thysanoptera : Philaeothripidae)
p. 1152 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N; Balu, A

p. 1154

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Book Reviews
p. 1155

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