Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 16: 20 Aug, 1986
Special Section
Hyperon Polarization in Hadronic Collisions
p. 0749 | Banerjee, S

p. 0760

Special Section
Identification of Emission Bands in P/Halley
p. 0761 | Bhattacharyya, J. C; Babu, G. S. D; Ghosh, K. K; Jayakumar, K; Appakutty, M

p. 0764

Special Section
Monitoring of Tumor Growth and its Drug-Induced Regression by Laser and Ultrasound Reflectometry
p. 0765 | Swarnamani, S; William, A; Singh, Megha

Regional Distribution of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzymes in Human Brain
p. 0770

p. 0772

Special Section
Fibrin (Ogen)/Fibrinogen Degradation Products--Interaction with Polymer Substrate and Platelets
p. 0773 | Chandy, Thomas; Sharma, Chandra P

p. 0776

Science News
Science News
p. 0777 | Chandrashekar, S

Short communications
Measurement of Corrosion Rate and Double-Layer Capacity by Large Amplitude Exponential Relaxation Technique
p. 0778 | Lakshminarayanan, V; Rajagopalan, S. R.

Effect of Photoprotection of UV Irradiated ,em>Escherichia Coli on the Induction of L-Arabinose Isomerase
p. 0780 | Bhattacharya, A. K; Bhatnagar, D.

Synthesis and Investigations of the New Adduct of S 4 N 4
p. 0781 | Jadon, S.P.S.

Studies on Aroylmethylene-Sulphonium Ylides: Synthesis of Some New 1,2,3-Triarylsubstituted Cyclopropanes Via Sulphonium Ylides
p. 0783 | Singhal, R. K.; Misra, N. K

Synthesis and Antifertility Activity of 1,4-Disubstituted 3-[3'-(2'- Phenyl-4'-Oxo-Quinazolinyl)]-2-Azetidinones
p. 0785 | Pandey, V. K; Raj, Naveen

Insect Feeding Studies on Microsorium Membran Aceum (Don) Ching and their Relationships
p. 0787 | Misra, D. R; Chauhan, D. K; Tiwari, S. P

A Pseudostemrot of Banana due to Erwinia Chrysanthemi PV Paradisiaca
p. 0789 | Chattopadhyay, P. K; Mukherjee, N.

Role of Rhizoplane Fungi on the Production of Phytoalexin Like Substances Against Rhizoctonia Bataticola in Groundnut
p. 0790 | Gambhir, S. P; Mukadam, D. S.

Pilidium Acerinum Kunze, A New Generic Record for India
p. 0791 | Muthumary, J.

Development of Gametophytes in Bignonia Incarnata Aubl
p. 0792 | Shirke, D. R.

Localization of Heterochromatic Segments in Chara Brauni
p. 0794 | Sajithran, T. M.

Cottonseed Protein and Oil with Repeated Harvests
p. 0795 | Dani, R. G; Pundarikakshudu, R.

Selection Criteria for Genetic Improvement of Wheat Grain Yield in Alkali Soils
p. 0796 | Rana, R. S; Singh, Rattan

A New Species of Mycovellosiella Rangel
p. 0798 | Rai, A. N

Occurrence of Cylindrocladium Colhounii Peerally on Eucalypts in Kerala
p. 0799 | Nair, J.Madhavan; Jayashree, M.C

Digenic Male Sterility in Sunnhemp ( Crotalaria Juncea L)
p. 0800 | Mitra, G. C.

Pollination Studies in Calonyction Muricatum
p. 0801 | Dwivedi, S. N.

Lithothelium Neoindicum A. Singh--A New Name for L. Indicum A. Singh
p. 0802 | Singh, Ajay

Expression of Some Leaf Rust Resistance Genes at Different Growth Stages in Wheat Against Race 77-A
p. 0802 | Saini, R. G; Gupta, A. K; Anand, Daisy

On the Perigenous Stomata in Bacopa Monnieri (L) Wettst
p. 0804 | Kannabiran, B.; Ramassamy, V.

Distribution of Sonific Muscles in Some Sciaenid Fishes and its Sex Related Seasonal Variations in Kathala Axillaris [Cuvier]
p. 0805 | Passoupathy, A; Natarajan, R.

Effects of a Chitin Inhibitor Compound on Fecundity and Egg Viability in Anopheles Stephensi [Liston]
p. 0807 | Saxena, S. C; Kaushik, R. K.

Effect of Lighy on Brain Neurosecretory Cells of the Honey Bee, ,em>Apis Cerana Indica and its Significance in Screening Pignments Movement of the Compound Eye
p. 0808 | Dey, Sudip; Raghuvarman, A.

The Cyclicity of Corpus Allatum (CA) in Relation to the Activity of the Male Accessory Glands in Leptocoris Coimbatorensis Gross (Hemiptera: Coreidae)
p. 0809 | Kaur, Amarjit; Rao, B. Kishen; Thakur, S. S; Raja, Sabita

Scanning Electron Microscopic Studies on the Ultrastructure of the Eggs of Taeniids of Dogs
p. 0811 | Koshy, T. J; Raja, E. Ebenezer

Varietal Reaction of Cowpea to Bean Common Mosaic Virus
p. 0812 | Patil, M. D; Gupta,, B. M.

p. 0813

Book Reviews
Book Review
p. 0814

p. 0814

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