Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 13: 05 Jul, 1986
Special Section
Two-Dimensional NMR for Three-Dimensional Structure of Nucleic Acids: New Techniques and Novel Results
p. 0597 | Hosur, R. V

p. 0605

Special Section
Efficacy of Progesterone on the Maintenance of Pregnancy in Phenobarbital or Barbital Sodium-Treated Rats
p. 0606 | Patil, Saraswati B.

p. 0608

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 Years Ago
p. 0609

p. 0611

Short communications
On The Calculated X-Ray Diffraction Powder Patterns
p. 0612 | Mohanlal, S. K.

GC-MS Studies of Non-Saponifiable Principles of the Seed Coats of Erythrina Suberosa Roxb
p. 0614 | Srinivasan, V. A.; Saxena, V. K.

Studies on the Chlorination of Phthalide. Preparation of 2-Chloromethyl and 2,2-Dichloromethylbenzoyl Chloride
p. 0614 | Gopalakrishnan, V; Krishnamoorthy, V. N; Pillai, C. N

Phenothiazine Compounds as Potential Antiamoebic Agents
p. 0616 | Kaul, S. M; Imam, S. A; Shukla, O. P

Photosynthetic Bacteria from the Coastal Board Ecosystems
p. 0617 | Krishnamurthy, K; Perumal, P; Palaniappan, R.

Use of Digestive Enzymes of Indigenous Snail Ariophanta Lingulata for Yeast Protoplast Production
p. 0620 | Agarwal, M. K; Lachyankar, M. B; Phadke, R. P.

Studies on the Toxic Effects of Calotropis Gigentea Latex on Aspergillus Japonicus
p. 0622 | Vora, K. A; Pradhan, Rajashri; Amin, A. R; Modi, V. V

Bacterial Flora Associated with the Green Mussel Perna Viridis (Linneaus)
p. 0624 | Mohan, D; Palaniappan, R; Kalyani, M.

Unrecorded Pathogen on Betelvine Causing Anthracnose
p. 0625 | Naik, M. K; Hiremath, P. C.

Effect of Host Cell Injury on Germination and Colonization of Cercosporidium Personatum
p. 0626 | Ramanujam, M. P.

Relative Effects of Nitrogen Nutrition on Stomatal and Nonstomatal Components o Photosynthesis in Wheat
p. 0626 | Uprety, D. C; Sirohi, G. S.

Meiosis in ,em>Euphorbia Mauritanica L.
p. 0628 | Srivastava, Suchitra; Narain, Prakash

Studies on the Survival of Alternaria Alternata, The Causal Agent of Alternariosis of Groundnut
p. 0630 | Prasad, P; Reddy, M. N.

Variations in the Lipid Contents of the Fat Body During Metamorphosis of Chilo Partellus Swinhoe (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
p. 0630 | Raja, S. Sabita; Thakur, S. S.; Rao, B. Kishen; Kaur, Amarjit

Laboratory Evaluation of Cyclopicidal Activity of Cypermethrin
p. 0632 | Bapna, S; Renapurkar, D. M.

Studies on Purification of Rice Grassy Stunt Virus
p. 0633 | Niazi, F. R; Mishra, M. D.; Basu, A. N

Histopathological Studies on the Progress of Infection of Leptolegnia SP (SC-1) in Anopheles Gambiae Larve Exposed to Zoospores in the Laboratory
p. 0633 | Nnakumusana, E. S

A Technique to Obtain naked Pupae of Rice Moth Corcyra Cephalonica Stainton
p. 0636 | Sriramulu, M; Mehrotra, K. N

p. 0637

Short communications
Scope and Potential of Tissue Culture for Crop Improvement
p. 0638 | Rao, R. Kuppu

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