Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 10: 20 May, 1986
Special Section
Semi-Theoretical Method of Determining Life-Times
p. 0481 | Tulasigeri, V. G; Korwa, V. M

A Catalytic Effect of the Chloride Ion on the Kinetics of Chlorination of Aromatic Substrates by Chlorine in Aqueous Solution
p. 0483 | Rao, T. S; Jukar, R. N; Dangat, V. T

p. 0487

Special Section
Synthesis of 3-(Substituted Aminomethyl)-5-(Nitrobezylidene) -4-Thizolidinone- 2- Thiones as potential Antiviral Agents
p. 0488 | Pande, Alka; Saxena, V. K

p. 0491

Special Section
Biochemical Changes Induced by Toxic Concentration of Malathion in Germinating Wheat Seeds
p. 0492 | Sengupta, P. K; Chakrabarti, A; Banerjee, S. K.

Ethanol Production By Free and Immobilized Yeast Phase of Cokeromyces
p. 0495 | Srinivasan, M. C; Prabhune, A. A; Sivaraman, H

p. 0497

Special Section
Use of Cells of Gill and Kidney of Tilapia Fish in Micronucleus Test (MNT)
p. 0498 | Manna, G. K; Saudhukhan, A.

p. 0501

Short communications
Improved Synthesis of Chalcones using Pulverized Potassium Hydroxide and Dimethylformamide (
p. 0502 | Doshi, A. G; Ghiya, B. J.

A New Route to the Syntheis of Some Substituted 3,4-Benzfluorenes
p. 0503 | Chatterjee, D. N; Guha, Jayashree

Biomass Energetic Yield and Maintenance Coefficients of Aspergillus Wentii on Different Carbohydrates
p. 0504 | Bisaria, V. S; Nene, S

A Rapid method for Plant Anatomy Using Fluorescence Microscopy
p. 0505 | Tiwari, S. P

On the Rare Occurrence of Marginella VentricosaG. Fisher 1807 Neogastropod from Porto Novo Waters
p. 0507 | Kasinathan, R; Thirumavalavan, R; Maruthamuthu, S.

Variations in Carboxylic Ester Hydrolase Activity in Heliothis Armigera Hubner Larvae
p. 0508 | Mehrotra, K. N; Phokela, Amrit

Summer Weather Die Back of Coffee In Karnataka
p. 0509 | Agnihothrudu, V; Edward, J. C.

Perpetuation of Blast Pathogen in Rice Stubbles
p. 0510 | Dhua, Urmila

Effect of Potassium Embelate, A Novel Analgesis compound on the Neurotransmitter content of Cerebrospinal Fluid of Dog
p. 0511 | Dhar, S. K; Johri, R. K; Zutshi, U; Atal, C. K

Tail Rot Disease and Cardiac Arrest in the Culturable Cichlid Fish, Etroplus Suratensis
p. 0512 | Pillai, C. Thankappan; Vijayaraghavan, G

Translocation Heterozygosity in Portulaca Linn
p. 0513 | Nazeer, M. A.

p. 0514

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0515

Special Section
Quasi Crystalline Al-Mn Alloys: Pressure Induced Crystallization and Structural Studies
p. 0517 | Parthasarathy, G; Gopal, E. S. R; Krishnamurthy, H. R; Pandit, R; Sekhar, J. A

Scattering of Positrons by Hydrogen and Helium Atoms for Superelastic and Inelastic Processes
p. 0521 | Rao, N. S

p. 0522

Special Section
Polarographic Examination of Active components of Artemisia Maritima (
p. 0523 | Begerhotta, Asha; Banerjee, N. R.

Malathion-Induced Hyper-Adrenal Activity in Wlh Chicks
p. 0526 | Goyal, B. S; Garg, Satish K; Garg, B. D

p. 0528

Short communications
Potato virus X on wild potato species Solanum chacoense from India
p. 0549 | Sangar, R. B. S; Singh, R. A; Nagaich, B. B.

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