Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 55 - Issue 07: 05 Apr, 1986
Special Section
On the Implication of the Recently Discovered 5 Millisecond Binary Pulsar PSR 1855+09
p. 0327 | Bhattacharya, D; Srinivasan, G.

Origin of Biological Active Excretory Secretory Materials from Setaria Digitata
p. 0331 | Sugunan, V. S; Raj, R. Kaleysa

p. 0333

Special Section
Temperature Programmed Desorption Studies On CaNi 3 Hydrides
p. 0334 | Kumar, M. P. Sridhar; Viswanathan, B; Swamy, C. S; Srinivasan, V

p. 0336

Special Section
Toxicity of Mercury, Copper and Zinc to the Prawn Metapenaeus Dobsoni (MIER)
p. 0337 | Sivadasan, C. R; Nambisan, P. N. K; Damodaran, R.

p. 0340

Special Section
Current Science--50 Years Ago
p. 0341

Short communications
The Anti-Inflammatory Activity of Delonix Elata Gamble
p. 0343 | Sethuraman, M. G; Sulochana, N.

Chemical Transformations of 1-Methyl-2 a -Acetoxy-4 b -Isopropenyl Vicyclo (3,1,0) Hexane
p. 0343 | Godbole, Geetali; Pathak, Sharad

Electrical Properties of Co[II] and Ni[II] Polychelates of 1,4-Dihydroxyanthra-quinone
p. 0345 | Sharma, Jyoti; Singh, H. B; Rao, T. Sundersena

Role of Azotobacter in Nitrogen Fixation in the Presence of Oil Cakes and Dicalcium Phosphate
p. 0346 | Dikshit, S. N; Kher, Y. G; Saxena, M. C.

Effect of Pyridine Derivatives on Encystment of Acanthamoeba Culbertsoni
p. 0347 | Srivastava, D. K; Shukla, P

Trace Fossils from Precambrian Rocks of Meghalaya
p. 0349 | Ravindra, R.

The Urani-Ferous Biotite-Sericite Schist of kasturi Gattu Hillock, North-East of Somasila, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0350 | Thimmaiah, M; Ramachar, T. R; Veerabhaskar, D; Jayaram, K. M. V.

Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Virus-Infected Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells
p. 0350 | Chiplonkar, J. M; Gangodkar, S. V.

Xylanolytic Activity of Aspergillus Ocharaceus-42
p. 0351 | Biswas, S. R; Mishra, A. K; Nanda, Geeta

Azo and Schiff Bases and their Metal Complexes as Antibacterial Compounds
p. 0353 | Pujar, M. A; Hadimani, B. S; Kumari, S. Meena; Gaddad, S. M.; Neelgund, Y. F

Histology of rhizogenesis and shoot bud formation in cultures of Tagetes erecta L.
p. 0354 | Kothari, S. L; Chandra, N.

Changes in endogenous indole-3-acetic acid levels accompanying leaf ageing
p. 0356 | Arora, Abha

Induction of reductional segregations in somatic nuclei of tragopogon gracili by caffeine treatments
p. 0358 | Kumari, Lalita

Regeneration of plants from leaf callus cultures of Solanum torvum swartz
p. 0359 | Narayan, Pratap; Jaiswal, V. S.

Biochemical activities of some thermophilic fungi
p. 0360 | Renuka, B.R; Subrahmanyam, A; Vinayakumar, M; Kumar, K. Phani; Rao,, P. Rama

Sexuality and oxidase test of hexagonia apiaria
p. 0361 | De, A. B

Cytomixis and chromosome elimination in groundnut
p. 0362 | Murthy, T. G. K; Tiwari, S. P

A chromosomal range in the interspecific hybrids and the hybrid derivatives of coix L (poaceae)
p. 0363 | Sapre, A. B; Deshpande, D. S.

Antipodal haustorium in Briza minor linn
p. 0364 | Bhuskute, S. M; Makde, K. H

Ammonia assimilating enzymes in anabaena torulosa
p. 0367 | Anand, N; Chandrasekaran, C

Some loculoascomycetes from Maharashtra
p. 0368 | Ramesh, C. H

A new leaf spot disease of solanum melangena L caused by Helminthosporium halodes drech
p. 0369 | Rao, V. Prabhakara; Dhande, G. W; Pendse, G. S.

Aspects of host preference in two species of aphids and a jassid (Homoptera : Insecta ) infesting ferns
p. 0370 | Daniel, A. Mohan; Chandrasekar, S. S.

Studies on the cross infectivity of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of adisura tkinsoni moore ( Noctuidae : Lepidoptera )
p. 0372 | Narayanan, K

Deterrent effect of synthetic pyrethroids on the oviposition of mosquitoes
p. 0373 | Verma, K. V. S.

Outbreak of biston regalis moore (Geometridae, Lepidoptera) on blue pine (pinus wallichiana)--A new record
p. 0375 | Aslam, M; Gardezi, I. R. S

Variation in the saccharides in the haemolymph of chilo partellus ( Lepidoptera : Pyralidae) during growth and development
p. 0376 | Raja, Sabita; Thakur, S. S; Rao, B. Kishen; Kaur, Amarjit

First record of fusarium semitectum berk and rav as an entomophgous fungus
p. 0377 | Nagalingam, B; Jayaraj, S

Thiola-induced effects on rat epididymal spermatozoa
p. 0378 | Rao, M. V

Daphnia longecephala hebert 1977 (Crustacea, Cladocera)-A new record to the oriental region
p. 0380 | Venkataraman, K; Krishnaswamy, S.

p. 0381

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