Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 54 - Issue 18: 20 Sep, 1985
Research Articles
Electron microscopy of quasi-crystals and related structrues
p. 0895 | Chattopadhyay, K.; Lele, S.; Ranganathan, S.; Subbanna, G. N.; Thangaraj, N.

On the synthesis and microstructure of aluminium alloys containing icosahedral phases
p. 0904 | Sekhar, J. A.

p. 0911

Research Articles
Physics at Planck length
p. 0912 | Padmanabhan, T.

p. 0916

Research Articles
Significance of atomic and gravitational clocks in scale-covariant theory
p. 0917 | Chandra, Ramesh

p. 0919

Research Articles
Effect of Stik on rooting and regeneration of stem cuttings of Aerva sanguinolenta Linn
p. 0920 | Singh, S. S.; Paliwal, G. S.

p. 0923

From the archives
Currents Science-50 years ago
p. 0924

p. 0926

Short communications
Effect of pesticides on in vitro pollen germination and growth and yield of okra
p. 0927 | Philomena, P. A.; David, B. V.

Occurence of endotrophic mycorrhizal fungus in agarwood plant Aquillaria agallocha (Roxb)
p. 0928 | Venkataramanan, M. N.; Borthakur, Rumi; Singh, H. D.

Radioprotective effect of 2-mercaptopropionylglycine on the protein contents of mouse ileum
p. 0929 | Mathur, V. B.

Further genetic analysis of the tribolate leaf mutanats in mungbeen (Vigna radiata var aureus (L) Wilcek)
p. 0930 | Sareen, P. K.

Inheritance of ten induced mutants in okra, Abelmoschus esculentus (Linn) Moench
p. 0931 | Abraham, V.

Zonate leaf blight - A new disease of finger millet
p. 0935 | Hiremath, P. C.; Sulladmath, V. V.

A new fungus associated with boll rot of Arboreum cotton
p. 0936 | Sharma, Y. R.; Sandhu, B. S.

2-p-Metoxy styryl 1,8-napthyridine induced mitotic spindle irregularities in Nigella sativa L
p. 0936 | Mogili, T.; Rao, B. Digamber; Mogilaiah, K.; Sreenivasulu, B.; Vidyavati

A post pachytene diffuse stage in Alysicarpus rugosus DC
p. 0938 | John, C. K.; Thengane, R. J.; Tulpule, S. H.

Karyomorphological study on eight cultivars of high yielding rice (Oryza sativa L) from pachytene
p. 0939 | Mukherjee, P.; Debnath, A. R.

Aecidium Hartwegiae Thuem an addition to Indian Mycoflora
p. 0941 | Yadava, P. K.; Saran, K.

An unrecorded leaf blight disease of taramira (Eruca sativa Mill) from India caused by Alternaria brassicicola (Schew) Wiltshire
p. 0942 | Sharma, A. K.

Influence of chemical environment on the fidelity of ribosomal protein synthesis
p. 0943 | Jana, A.; Sen, S. P.

Effect of certain proanthocyanidins on the chlorophyll content of Lemna paucicostata Hegelm
p. 0945 | Rao, S. Seeta Ram; Rao, K. V. N.

A double-embedding technique for sectioning embryoids
p. 0947 | Anand, V. V.

Promotion of female flower formation in castor bean (Ricinus communis L) by pthalamides
p. 0948 | Jaiswal, V. S.; Lal, Madan

Upper limit of temperature for the development of Ooencyrtus papilionis Ashmead within its host eggs
p. 0949 | Yadav, R. P.; Choudhury, J. P.

Evaluation of deoiled neem (Azadirachta indica A Juss) seed kernel against Trogoderma granarium Eversts.
p. 0950 | Singh, R. P.; Singh, S.

Effect of juvenile hormone analogue on the egg numbers and egg vialibility in different egg cycles of the bug, Dysdercus koenigii Fabr
p. 0951 | Srivastava, K. P.; Katiyar, R. L.; Awasthi, V. K.

p. 0953

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