Current Science
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Volume 54 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1985
Research Articles
The big bang and quantum cosmology
p. 0825 | Narlikar, J. V.

p. 0831

Research Articles
DNA repair and mutagenesis
p. 0832 | Notani, N. K.; Kanade, R. P.

p. 0839

Research Articles
Food safety-Facts and fallacies
p. 0840 | Menon, K. K. G.

Mutagenic and plasmid-eliminating action of acridine orange in the cyanobacterium Nostoc
p. 0845 | Kumar, H. D.; Tripathi, A. K.

p. 0852

Research Articles
Gravitational attraction due to a two-dimensional asymmetrical wedge-like body and its interpreation using fourier transform
p. 0853 | Sharma, T. V. S. S.; Reddy, P. Chandra; Murthy, B. V. S.; Mohan, N. L.

From the archives
Current Science - 50 years ago
p. 0856

p. 0857

Short communications
Laser Raman Spectrum of tungstic oxide
p. 0858 | Mohan, S.; Mukunthan, A.

A. ochraceus toxicity on carbohydrate metobolism in chicks
p. 0860 | Subramanian, S.; Govindasamy, S.

Occurenece of todorokite from Adilabad Manganese Mines, Andhra Pradesh
p. 0862 | Rao, J. S. R. Krishna; Kasipathi, C.

Influence of hydration-dehydration treatments of rice seed on the growth of embryo-endosperm transplants
p. 0862 | Sur(mandal), Kalpana; Basu, R. N.

The record of Curvularia lunata Boedijn causing a leaf-spot of Euphorbia geniculata Orteg in Poona
p. 0864 | Rao, V. Prabhakara; Pendse, G. S.

Bacillus subtilis as antagonist to vascular wilt pathogens
p. 0864 | Podile, A. R.; Prasad, G. S.; Dube, H. C.

Physiology of host parasite relationships of Pallisentis nagpurensis and Senga visakhapatnamensis, parasitizing liver of Colisa lalia and intestine of Channa punctatus
p. 0866 | Gupta, A. K.; Agarwal, S. M.

Morphology of three species of conchostraca using scanning electron microscope
p. 0869 | Samyiah, N.; Venkataraman, K.; Krishnaswamy, S.

Regulation of K+ and Na+ in Diplachne fusca (Linn) P Beavu, and alkali halophyte
p. 0871 | Qadar, Ali

Mosaic disease of citrus in India
p. 0873 | Ahlawat, Y. S.; Chenulu, V. V.; Viswanath, S. M.; Pandey, P. K.; Bhagabati, K. N.

Significance of cell wall phenols in the resistance of rice against blast
p. 0874 | Kumar, S.; Sridhar, R.

Traps to monitr gall midge population in rice
p. 0876 | Sain, Mangal; Kalode, M. B.

Influence of nectart on the fecundity, longevity and sex-ratio of Bracon brevicornis Wesm, and important parasite of Opisina arenosella Walk, the blackheaded caterpillar of coconut
p. 0877 | Yadav, D. N.

Ontogeny and the structure of the mature seed coat of Entada scandens Benth
p. 0878 | Sundaram, R.; Gopal, V.; Sekaran, R.

Basic number six in Sporobolus from South India
p. 0880 | Christopher, J.

Observations on fungal infection of eggs and fingerlings of Channa punctatus B1
p. 0880 | Prabhuji, S. K.; Srivastava, G. C.; Sinha, S. K.

Marine fungi from India-II
p. 0881 | Borse, B. D.

Embryology of stegnospermataceae
p. 0882 | Satyanarayana, P.; Narayana, L. L.

Outbreak of giant mealybug, Drosicha stebbingi (Green), in West Rajasthan (Hemipter: Margarodidae)
p. 0884 | Varshney, R. K.

A case of lerneosis and its control in an air-breathing fish culture system
p. 0885 | Ravindranath, K.; Rao, K. Gopal; Kamal, M. Yusuf

Volume index for determining the natrue of anaemia caused by helminthiasis in poultry
p. 0886 | Chandrasekhar, P.; Simha, S. S.

Radioresponse of resting primary spermatocytes in the presence of S-2(3-aminopropylamino) ethyl phosphorothioic acid
p. 0887 | Jaimala; Bhartiya, H. C.

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