Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1984
Special Section
Characterisation of gamma-irradiated nucleohistone by spectrophotometry
p. 0725 | Upadhyay, S. N; Singh, Ram Pal; Gupta, Ashok Kumar; Ray, N. K; Sarkar, S. R

p. 0728

Special Section
A new function for α-tocopherol in erythrocyte metabolism
p. 0729 | Krishnamurthy, S; Verghese, Sarah

p. 0731

Special Section
Partial purification and effect of adenine nucleotides on the activity of phosphoglycerate kinase of germinating mung beans (Phaseolus aureus)
p. 0732 | Malhotra, O. P; Kumar, Ashok

Sex-associated differences in peroxidases and ethylene production and their modification by ethephon treatment in the flowers of Cannabis sativa L.
p. 0735 | Sriram, N; Ram, H. Y. Mohan

p. 0739

Special Section
Effects of certain tranquillizers on somatic chromosomes of higher living organisms
p. 0740 | Banerjee, Patralika; Pant, Pramila; Sen, Sarmistha; Srivastava, Sadhana

p. 0742

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0743

p. 0744

Short communications
Spectrophotometric determination of platinum(IV) after extraction of its phenanthrene-quinone monothiosemicarbazone complex into molten naphthalene
p. 0745 | Wasey, A; Puri, B. K.; Mehra, M. C; Satake, M

Chemical investigation of Psidium guajava roots
p. 0746 | Trivedi, K. K; Misra, K

Occurrence of Bagh Bed (Upper cretaceous) in Hardaspur-Umri area, Jhabhu district, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0747 | Chaubey, R.

Cyanostylon sinensis Chu. from Srinagar
p. 0748 | Goyal, S. K.

Changes in the stamens of immature inflorescence of pearl millet cultured in vitro
p. 0749 | Prasad, Bhagyalakshmi; Shanthamma, C.

Does pollination efficiency shape the pollen grain to ovule ratio?
p. 0751 | Shanker, R. Uma; Ganeshaiah, K. N

Sexuality and oxidase tests of Heteroporus biennis (Bull. Ex. Fr. ) Laz.
p. 0753 | Mitra, Asim

Papaver rhoeas and Moringa oleifera, two new hosts of papaya powdery mildew
p. 0754 | Ullasa, B. A; Rawal, R. D

Interspecific cross between Atylosia albicans and Atylosia scarabaeoides
p. 0755 | Tripathi, S. N; Patil, B. D.

Responses of isolated floral buds and anthers of Abutilon indicum in vitro
p. 0757 | Nataraja, K; Patil, J. S.

Chemotaxonomy of Pandanus and Typha
p. 0759 | Radhakrishnaiah, M; Nageshwar, G; Narayana, L. L.

Observations on the reproductive pattern and fecundity of a Brachyuran crab
p. 0760 | Rao, Ch. Narasimha; Shakuntala, Katre; Reddy, S. Ravichandra

The spinning of puparium larvae of eumenid and sphecid wasps reared in glass tubes
p. 0762 | Joshi, P. V.

Chromosome studies in Indian diplopoda (Myriapoda) I: A note on the occurrence of polyploidy in Polydesmus gracilis
p. 0764 | Achar, K. P

p. 0767

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
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p. 0771

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