Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 13: 05 Jul, 1984
Special Section
A comparative study of the epidermis, mesophyll and whole leaf of C3 and CAM plants on their carbon isotope ratios
p. 0669 | Madhavan, S; Smith, Bruce N.

Petroleum prospects in precambrian
p. 0671 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

On positive and negative valued auxiliaries in survey sampling
p. 0674 | Srivenkataramana, T; Prasad, N. G. N

Polycyclic aromatic compounds:synthesis of polycyclics containing anthracene, phenantrene and fluorene nucleus
p. 0676 | Mondal, S; Bhattachary, A. J.

A comparison of different theories of viscous flow for binary liquid mixtures of toluene with chlorobenzene, benzylalcohol and n-hexanol at different temperatures
p. 0679 | Srivastva, A. P; Dubey, S. N

Geographic leaf cuticular and morphological variations in Salvia lyrata. L. (cancer-weed) and their possible relationship to salinity
p. 0682 | Sharma, G. K.

Where Indian scientists publish
p. 0684 | Mehrotra, Rashmi; Lancaster, F. W.

p. 0688

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0689

p. 0690

Short communications
AC harmonic method of measuring corrosion rate
p. 0691 | Lakshminarayanan, V; Rajagopalan, S. R.

Lattice thermal conductivity of germanium at low temperatures
p. 0692 | Garola, R. P.

A new flavone glycoside from Melia azedarach Linn
p. 0694 | Mishra, Mamta; Srivastava, Santosh K

Protective effect of Mycobacterium habana in mice against infection with indigenous strains of M. tuberculosis
p. 0695 | Gupta, H. P; Mathur, I. S; Singh, N. B

Inheritance of induced mutant characters in jute (Corchorus capsularis L. )
p. 0697 | Joshua, D. C; Thakare, R. G.

Effect of gamma radiations and gibberellic acid on growth and shoot regeneration in callus cultures of Datura innoxia (700)
p. 0700 | Jain, R. K; Makerchandani, N.; Sharma, D. R; Chowdhury, J. B.

Pathologic dinosaurian egg shells from Kheda district, Gujarat
p. 0701 | Mohabey, D. M

Pseudomonas fluorescens is an antagonist to Xanthomonas citri (Hasse. ) dye, the incitant of citrus canker
p. 0703 | Unnamalai, N; Gnanamanickam, S. S.

The method of staining pollen nuclei
p. 0704 | George, K; Geethamma, S

Record of Phomopsis cocoina (Cooke) Punith, in stem bleeding affected coconut palm
p. 0705 | Lily, V. G.

Serology of rice necrosis mosaic virus
p. 0706 | Ghosh, S. K

Wilt of Patchouli--A new disease caused by Rhizoctonia solani
p. 0707 | Narayanappa, M; Chacko, C. I; Kumar, T. Vasantha

A bacterial disease of ornamental cannas caused by Xanthomonas campestris pv. cannae pv. nov.
p. 0708 | Easwaramurthy, R; Kaviyarasan, V; Gnanamanickam, S. S

Host parasite relationships in Channa punctatus and Euclinostomum heterostomum. III. Transaminases and total proteins and free ammo acids
p. 0710 | Gupta, A. K; Agarwal, S. M

A note on the phytochemical constituents of some bignoniaceae
p. 0711 | Satyavathi, M; Radhakrishnaiah, M; Narayana, L. L

Antifungal activity of Parthenium hysterophorus Linn.
p. 0713 | Shrivastava, J. N; Kushwaha, R. K. S; Srivastava, J. N; Shukla, J. P

Role of glycogen-glucose in the accessory reproductive gland and sperm transfer in Asponjopus janus (Fabr. )
p. 0713 | Ranganathan, L. S; Sriramulu, V.; Balasundaram, D; Sridharan, G

p. 0714

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
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