Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 12: 20 Jun, 1984
Special Section
Aspects of chaos in conservative dynamical systems
p. 0619 | Ramaswamy, Ramakrishna

p. 0626

Special Section
Heat transfer characteristics of a heated thin platinum wire and surrounding liquid subjected to electrolytic currents
p. 0627 | Damle, C. K; Narkhede, R. Y.

Spectrophotometric determination of zirconium in zirconium steel
p. 0630 | Ramappa, P. G; Manjappa, S.

p. 0631

Special Section
Synthesis, stability constants and electromc spectral studies of ternary complexes of Pr(III) with histidine and diols
p. 0632 | Kothari, Ashok; Misra, Sudhindra N

p. 0634

Special Section
Cyclised products of N-6',8'-disubstituted-2'-ethylquinazolin-4'-oxyacetyl) hydrazines and their condensation with aromatic aldehydes
p. 0635 | Srivastava, Neeru; Bahadur, Surendra; Misra, V. S

p. 0637

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0638

p. 0639

Short communications
Period between bursting in turbulent shear flow: intermediate scaling
p. 0640 | Afzal, Noor

Topology of oxy-organic compounds
p. 0642 | Dessai, A. G.

Further evidence to the structure of semecarpuflavanone
p. 0643 | Murthy, S. S. N.

Rapid Spectrophotometric determination of traces of thorium(IV)
p. 0645 | Thimmaiah, K. N; Chandrappa, G. T; Gowda, A. Thimme

A new diterpene, dipoloic acid from the stem of Dillenia pentagyna
p. 0646 | Srivastava, Santosh K; Srivastava, Savitri D

Indirect potentiometric determination of reducing sugars
p. 0647 | Palanivel, M; Riyazuddin, P

Termite mounds in geochemical prospecting
p. 0649 | Prasad, E. A. V; Saradhi, D. Vijaya

Carbonatite dikes in Dhanota-Dhancholi hills, Narnaul, Haryana
p. 0651 | Saxena, M. N; Gupta, L. N; Chaudhri, Naveen

On some Jurassic mytilid bivalves from Kutch (Gujrat), India
p. 0652 | Kanjilal, S

Electroretinogram responses of Locusta migratoria
p. 0653 | Krishna, Gopal A.

An assured in vitro technique for the germination of oospores of Phytophthora palmivora (Butler) Butler
p. 0655 | Dutta, P. K; Hegde, R. K; Anahosur, K. H.

A fossil capsule with winged seeds from the intertrappean series of India
p. 0656 | Sheikh, M. T; Kapgate, D. K

Effect of B-chromosomes on a chromosome chiasma distribution in a sectorial tetraploid pearl millet plant from a West African cultivar
p. 0657 | Kumari, A. Latha; Jayalakshmi, K

Occurrence of Pleurotus cystidiosus in India
p. 0658 | Natarajan, K; Raman, N.

Activity of thiolutin against certain soil borne plant pathogens
p. 0659 | Deb, P. R; Dutta, B. K

Smilax zeylanica Linn. --A new source of diosgenin
p. 0661 | Kar, D. K; Sen, Sumitra

New techniques to determine pollen viability of Calotropis gigantea R. Br.
p. 0661 | Viswanathan, K; Lakshmanan, K. K.

Teratogenic effects of sodium diethyldithiocarbamate in the garden lizard, Calotes versicolor
p. 0662 | Ghate, H. V; Pal, J. K

Psilorchis atkinsoni sp. nov. -- A new trematode from an aquatic bird, Anas penelope (Lin. )
p. 0665 | Sharma, A. K; Lal, S. S; Lata, Manju

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