Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 06: 20 Mar, 1984
Letters to the Editor
A Novel Synthesis of Methyl 4H Pyrimido (1,2-a)Pyrimidin-2-One-4-Carboxylate
p. 0179 | Sharma, Mahendra Narain

Special Section
Methodology of feature classification by the smart sensor on board the Rohini RS-D2 satellite
p. 0287 | Ramani, S; Rao, G. Nagendra; Lakshmi, K.; Rao, V. Aruna

p. 0293

Special Section
Combination of regression and ratio estimate
p. 0294 | Upadhyaya, L. N; Singh, H. P

Dispersive optical bistability in plasmas
p. 0296 | Atre, M. V; Krishan, S

Synthesis of some (benzolyl-2)-alkyl/aralkyl sulphides and sulphones as potential pesticides
p. 0301 | Girt, Somari; Mishra, A. K

Effect of autonomic drugs on the isolated melanophores of the wall lizard, Hemidactylus flaviviridis
p. 0303 | Ovais, M; Ali, S. A

Distribution of trimethylamine oxide in some marine and freshwater fish
p. 0307 | Parab, S. N; Rao, S. B.

p. 0309

Historical Notes
Current Science--50 years ago
p. 0310

p. 0311

Short communications
Extractive spectrophotometric determination of trace amounts of bismuth with benzyldimethylphenylammonium chloride
p. 0312 | Bayan, K. C; Das, H. K

Some triphenylgermanium derivatives of mixed ligand thiocyanatochromate (III)
p. 0313 | Sharma, C.; Srivastava, T. N.

The effect of dithiothreitol on the growth habit of copper electrodeposits on copper (111) plane
p. 0316 | Sadana, Y. N; Nageswar, S

Late-pleistocene beach rock from Uran, Maharashtra, India
p. 0317 | Kale, V. S; Kshirsagar, A. A; Rajaguru, S. N.

Discovery of the lower Cambrian stromatolites from the Mussorie Tal phosphorite, India
p. 0319 | Tewari, Vinod C.

Coleochaete conchata Moebius (Chlorophyta): A new record from India
p. 0321 | Tiwari, R. K.

Lignin Degradation by an edible mushroom, Pleurotus sajor-caju
p. 0322 | Bisaria, Ragini; Chatterjee, Aparna

A new species of Phomopsis from India causing soft rot disease of sapota
p. 0323 | Rajak, R. K; Chatterjee, Aparna

Cytokinin-like substances in blue-green algae
p. 0324 | Chauhan, K. L; Gupta, A. B.

Tempeh--A fermented food from soybean
p. 0325 | Sharma, Renu; Sarbhoy, A. K.

On the morphological differences between Dactyloctenium aegyptium and Dactyloctenium aristatum (Gramineae)
p. 0326 | Sharma, M. L

Production of cellulolytic enzyme by Rhizoctonia solani Kuhn.
p. 0327 | Ramalingam, P.

Cytokinin glucoside activity in Guava (Psidium guajava L. ) seeds
p. 0328 | Saha, Shyamali; Nagar, P. K.

Levels of acid and alkaline phosphatases in different organs of uninfected and infected Channa punctatus following starvation
p. 0330 | Rai, V; Gupta, A. K; Agarwal, S. M

Partial purification and electron microscopy of Pergularia mosaic virus
p. 0332 | Rajyalakshmi, R; Nayudu, M. V; Sreenivasulu, P

Spodoptera litura as a biocontrol agent of Eichhornia crassipes
p. 0333 | Jamil, Kaiser; Narasaiah, J; Thyayarajan, G

Occurrence of a new fresh water medusa in Idukki reservoir of Kerala, India.
p. 0335 | Khatri, T. C

Resilin in the lens-cuticle of the house fly, Musca domestica
p. 0336 | Dey, Sudip; Raqhuvarman, A

Effect of some chemicals on neurosecretory activity of Octochaetoides sudershemis
p. 0337 | Kodarkar, M. S; Vankhede, G. N; Kulkarni, K. M

Preliminary observations on the use of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes) leaf meal as protein source in fish feed
p. 0338 | Niamat, R; Jafri, A. K

Haemoglobin level of the fish Heteropneustes fossilis due to trypanosoma infection
p. 0340 | Rao, T. Bhaskar; Rao, Susan Bhaskar; Isreal, K

Preliminary observations on the cardiophysiology of Moinodaphnia maclayi (King. )
p. 0340 | Tonapi, K. T; Varghese, George; Bardej, Surekha Shinde(nee

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