Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 53 - Issue 05: 05 Mar, 1984
Special Section
Crystallographic data storage, retrieval and dissemination: National Information Centre for Crystallography (NICRYS) activity at Madras
p. 0223 | Srinivasan, R; Subramanian, E.

Application of two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy for assignment of NMR spectra of peptides
p. 0225 | Thomas, Albert; Rao, B. N. Narasinga; Balaram, P; Kumar, Anil

p. 0230

Special Section
Water-mediated structural transformations in a new crystal form of ribo-nuclease A and tetragonal lysozyme
p. 0231 | Salunke, Dinakar M; Veerpandian, B; Vijayan, M

Synthesis of new 5, 3/5 and 2-substituted (1,3,4)-oxadiazoles and their related products as potential antifungal and antiviral agents
p. 0235 | Srivastava, Neeru; Bahadur, Surendra; Verma, H. N; Khan, Abid Ali

On the stereoselectivity of Stobbe condensation with ortho substituted aromatic aldehydes: The (E, Z) configuration of monobenzylidenesuccinates and dibenzylidenesuccinic anhydrides
p. 0239 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R; Rao, K. V. Ramakrishna; Sastry, V. M.Ch; Umasundari, P; Satyanarayana,, P

Discovery of Archaeocyatha in the upper Krol carbonates, Mussoorie hills, Uttar Pradesh, India (
p. 0243 | Singh, L. B; Rai, Vibhuti

Outbreak of paralytic shellfish poisoning in Mangalore west coast of India
p. 0247 | Subburaj, M; Venugopal, M. N; Karunasagar, I

Historical Notes
Current Science-- 50 years ago
p. 0250

p. 0251

Short communications
A magnetohydrodynamic universe
p. 0252

A magnetohydrodynamic universe
p. 0252 | Prakash, S

Performance characteristics of purified tetrabutyl-tin in liquid scintillation counting for radioimmunoassay and optimisation of counting vial design
p. 0253 | Dhane, D. L; Gaiki, G. M; Vaze, P. K; Iyengar, T. S

Excited state proton transfer in fiuorescin cation
p. 0255 | Joshi, N. B; Pant, D. D.

Special Section
Synthesis of α-methylarylamido-β-naphthyl-(1-methylamino-2-methyl-benzimi-dazolyl) - ethers
p. 0256 | Pandey, V. K; Raj, Naveen

Short communications
Kinetics and mechanism of the bromination of aromatic substrates by N-bromosuccmimide in aqueous solution
p. 0258 | Rao, T. S; Dalve, S. P.

Densities and viscosities of mono-chloroacetic acid in ethanol-water mixtures
p. 0260 | Nikam, P. S; Hasan, Mahdi

Effect of trimethoprim in trichiniasis of albino rats
p. 0262 | Hazra, N; Mandal, B; Majumdar, G; Maity, C. R

First record of palaeozoic fossils from Nainital area, Kumaun Lesser Himalaya
p. 0263 | Pande, Meera

Vector-borne MLOS of brinjal little leaf
p. 0265 | Raj, S. P; Lakshmanan, M

Redistribution of potassium within epidermis of Commelina benghalensis Linn, during fusicoccin stimulated stomatal opening
p. 0267 | Reddy, K. Bhaskar; Rao, C. Rama; Rao, K. R; Raghavendra, A. S

Changes in total pehnolic contents of sorghum callus resistant and susceptible to downy mildew
p. 0271 | Prabhu, M. S. C; Venkatasubbaiah, P; Safeeulla, K. M

Sugarcane mosaic virus strain H-A new record from India
p. 0273 | Kondaiah, E; Nayudu, M. V

Post-infection changes of chitin in banana fruits
p. 0275 | Chakrabarti, N; Nandi, B.

Role of corpora-allata and brain on the carbohydrate level of haemolymph in Lohita grandis Gray, (Pyrrohocoridae: Heteroptera: Hemiptera)
p. 0277 | Mandal, Sanjay; Saha, Lalmonon; Choudhuri, D. K.

Endosulphan-induced changes in the carbohydrate metabolism of a freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium lamarrei(H. Milne Edwards).
p. 0280 | Upadhyay, V. B; Shukla, G. S

Developmental profiles in the isozymes of α and β-esterases in the embryogenesis of silkworm Bombyx mori
p. 0281 | Krishnamurthy, N. B; Ramesh, S.; Rajasekarasetty, M. R

p. 0284

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0285

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