Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 21: 05 Nov, 1983
Research Articles
Structure of L-Tyrosyl-L-phenylalanine Monohydrate
p. 0995 | Subramanian, E.; Murali, R.; Trotter, J.

Systematic entomology in India-past, present and future
p. 0997 | Rao, B. R. Subba

Plant meristems as monitors of genetic toxicity of environmental chemicals
p. 1000 | Sharma, C. B. S. R.

The cytoplasmic factor in attenuating the ultraviolet radiation induced inhibition of photosynthesis in isolated leaf cells
p. 1003 | Noorudeen, A. M.; Kulandaivelu, G.

Effect of prolonged electrical stimulations on the lipid metabolism of the exercised amphibia muscle
p. 1005 | Murthy, C. V. Narasimha; Bhaskar, M.; Bharathi, D.; Reddanna, P.; Govindappa, S.

p. 1007

From the archives
Current Science-50 Years Ago
p. 1008

p. 1008

Short communications
The conformational chain plot and the analysis of protein conformations
p. 1009 | Raghunathan, G.; Balasubramanian, R.

Catalytic activity of Ln2MnNiO6 perovskites for iso-proponol decomposition
p. 1012 | Radha, R.; Swamy, C. S.

Studies on tellurium (IV) Chloride complexes with N, N'-Substituted Thioureas
p. 1013 | Tember, G. L.; Murthy, A. S. R.

Initiation factor IF3 partially dissociates 16S. 23SRNA complex
p. 1015 | Nag, B.; Tewari, D. S.; Burma, D. P.

Occurence of Cancrinite Tinguaite and K-Rich Trachyte from nongcharam- Darugiri area of East Garo Hills district, Meghalaya, India
p. 1017 | Kumar, Sunil; Raju, R. Dhana; Varma, H. M.; Dougall, N. K.

Discovery of Ichnogenus Belorhaphe Fuchs, from the Garbyang formation, Malla johar area, Uttar Pradesh
p. 1018 | Kumar, S.; Singh, M. P.

Crossability studies between greengram and Blackgram
p. 1018 | Shanmugam, A. S.; Rathnasamy, R.; Rangaswamy, S. R. Sree

nature of Salt injury at Germination stage in Paddy
p. 1020 | Gill, K. S.; Dutt, S. K.

Induction of resistance against tobacco mosaic virus in Detached leaves of Nicotiana Tabacum Var, samsun, NN by leaf extract of Hellanthus Annuus
p. 1022 | Johari, K.; Raizada, R. K.; Srivastava, K. M.; Singh, B. P.

Aflatoxin contamination in pulses from tribal areas of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh
p. 1024 | Reddy, B. N.; Nusrath, M.

A new variety of Cylindroncladium Morgan
p. 1025 | Nair, L. N.; Nair, V. S.

A new Species of Drechslera ito from India
p. 1026 | Manoharachary, C.; Reddy, V. R. Thulasi

Tissue culture technique to Demonstrate the Viability of downy mildew mycelium in pearl Millet Seeds
p. 1027 | Prabhu, M. Satish Chandra; Safeeulla, K. M.; Shetty, H. Shekar

Seedling handedness in Cajanus Cajan(L. ) Mill Sp. in Relation to seed position
p. 1029 | Rao, K. Lokendar; Bahadur, Bir; Satyanarayana, A.

Pathogenic fungi from sweet potato
p. 1031 | Ravichandran, V.; Sullia, S. B.

Immobilization of Beijerinckia, A Nitrogen-Fixing bacterium, on Silica Gel
p. 1031 | Murthy, M. G.

Neocentric activity in Pennisetum Orientale Rich
p. 1033 | Vishnuvardhan, Z.; Lakshmi, N.

Toxic effects of Cadmium on the liver of a freshwater teleost Garra Mullya (Sykes)
p. 1034 | Wani, G. P.; Latey, A. N.

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Personal News
Obituary - Prof Harish Chandra
p. 1044

p. 1044

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