Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 20: 20 Oct, 1983
Research Articles
Natural Product in Medicine -Present Status and future prospects
p. 0947 | Dev, Sukh

A Probable pathway of Ureide assimilation in Pigeonpea Pods
p. 0957 | Luthra, Y. P.; Sheoran, I. S.; Rao, A. S.; Singh, Randhir

Chemical Changes in Dry fruits during Aflatoxin elaboration by Aspergillus Flavus Link. ex fries
p. 0960 | Bilgrami, K. S.; Sinha, K. K.; Singh, Anjana

Angiosperm Pollen- a sytem for cell differentiation
p. 0964 | Rashid, A.

The Neurosecretory control of the Annual reproductive cycle in the Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium Kistnensis
p. 0967 | Mirajkar, M. S.; Sarojini, R.; Nagbhushan, R.

From the archives
Current Science -50 years ago
p. 0971

Short communications
Interaction of Calcium Agonist with some Cardiac Drugs
p. 0972 | Basu, D. K.; Brahmankar, D. M.

The First record of the genus Sphaerochara (charophyta) from the Upper Siwaliks in the North of Chandigarh
p. 0973 | Gaur, R.; Chopra, S. R. K.

Growth and Nitrogen fixation of bacterial Isolates from Barley roots
p. 0974 | Grover, Renu; Kundu, B. S.

A note on the discovery of upper Palaeolithic culture from the Central Narmada Valley, Madhya Pradesh
p. 0976 | Badam, Salahuddin; G. L.

New techniques for selective isolation and purification of mucoracious fungi
p. 0978 | Ali, S. S.; Jain, R. C.

A new disease cycle of wilt of pigeon-Pea
p. 0978 | Upadhyay, R. S.; Raj, Bharat

Mortality, Sterility, fecundity and Non-disjunction induced by Chloroehyl methanesulphonate (cems) and Cyclohenane (CH) in drosophila melanogaster
p. 0982 | Shetty, G. H. Prabhakar; Rangaswamy, V.

Combining ability for resistance to blast disease rice
p. 0984 | Mohanty, C. R.; Gangopadhyaya, S.

Effect of temperature pre treatment and gibberellic acid on growth, chlorophyll and protein in vigna radiata, L. Wilczek
p. 0985 | Rao, P. Gopala; Kodandaramaiah, J.

A promising induced mutant of black henbane (Hyoscyamus Niger L. )
p. 0988 | Sharma, J. R.; Singh, O. P.

Sexuality of Polyporus Bicolor Jungh
p. 0989 | Dutta, S.; Roy, Anjali

Poronia pileformis (Berk,) Fr. :A new record from India
p. 0990 | Rawla, G. S.; Narula, A. M.

Observations on the eggs and embryo of Ichthyophis Malabarensis (Taylor) (Apoda: Amphibia)
p. 0990 | Balakrishna, T. A.; Gundappa, K. R.; Shakuntala, Katre

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Book Reviews
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