Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1983
Research Articles
Relative amounts of nuclear DNA in populations of Costus Speciosus (Koen. ) SM.
p. 0653 | Sharma, A. K.; Chattopadhyay, Suchitra

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Current Science-50 Years ago
p. 0659

Research Articles
The conformation of proline using the concept of pseudorotation
p. 0660 | Chacko, K. K.; Swaminathan, S.; Veena, K. R.

Passive transfer of immunity to Japanese encephalitis and West Nile viruses from actively immunized mothers to infant mice
p. 0663 | Kulkarni, A. B.; Govershan, M. K.; Pavri, K. M.

Synthesis of some formazans and tetrazolium bromides as potential antiviral agents
p. 0666 | Singh, S. P.; Bahadur, Surendra

p. 0669

Recent developments in imaging in Medicine
p. 0670 | Subramanian, R.

p. 0672

Short communications
Light emission during mechanical deformation of bones
p. 0673 | Chandra, B. P.; Jaiswal, A. K.; Majumdar, B.

Effect of two pesticides on oxidative metabolism of cowpea bacteroids
p. 0674 | Palaniappan, S. P.; Balasubramanian, A.

Effect of sublethal concentration of metasystox on hte circadian Rhythm of Bimodal oxygen uptake in Channa striatus
p. 0675 | Natarajan, G. M.; Rajulu, G. Sundara

Temporal effects of barbiturates of pregency in Albino Rats
p. 0678 | Patil, Saraswati B.; Rao, M. Appaswamy

Functional analogy of plant vacuoles with animal lysosomes
p. 0680 | Gupta, H. S.; Deobagkar, D. N.

Nuclear Polyhedrosis of Sesamia Inferens (Noctuidae:Lepidopters) the pink stem border of rice
p. 0682 | Godse, D. B.; Nayak, P.

Gabbroic anorthosite from togamalai area, Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu
p. 0683 | Ramawamy, R.

Achlya Flagellata Coker parasitic on Wheat Seedlings
p. 0686 | Verma, B. L.; Khulbe, R. D.

Nitrogenase activity in the rice Rhizosphere soil as affected by Azospirillium inoculation and fertilizer Nitrogen under upland conditions
p. 0686 | Rao, J. L. N.; Rao, Rajaramamohan

Vessels in Orchidaceae
p. 0688 | Singh, H.

A new Immunogenic strain:Mycobacterium Marinum (sato) against M. Ulcerans Challenge in mice and rat experiments
p. 0689 | Srivastava, A. K.; Singh, N. B.; Verma, V. K.; Gupta, S. K.

Seed-borne infectionof Maize by Xanthomonas maydis in Karnataka
p. 0690 | Ranganathaiah, K. G.; Gowda, D. Nanje; Srinivasaiah, S. M.

A new powdery mildew disease from India
p. 0691 | Joshi, I. J.; Saksena, S. B.

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