Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 12: 20 Jun, 1983
Research Articles
Some spectacular response of flowering in Impatiens balsamina L. Cv. Rose
p. 0571 | Nanda, K. K.; Kumar, Surinder

From the archives
Current Science-50 years ago- Extracts from the Editorial Cooperation in Scientific Research at page 185 of the January 1933 issue of vol. 1
p. 0577

p. 0577

Research Articles
Recent developments in the fischer indole synthesis
p. 0578 | Ambedkar, Sarvottam Y.

A novel tannin from prosopis Juliflora Roots
p. 0583 | Malhotra, S.; Misra, K.

Quinazolones and their psychopharmacological activity
p. 0585 | Singh, S.; Sharma, M.; Nath, C.; Bhargava, K. P.; Shanker, K.

Bairdiidae (Ostracod) from the recent coastal sediments of Bhaktal area (Karnataka state) West coast of India
p. 0588 | Honnappa; Abrar, Syed

Short communications
A plane symmetric universe filled with perfect fluid in a modified brans-dicke cosmology
p. 0592 | Rai, L. N.

An analytical study of higher order born terms in the static field
p. 0593 | Rao, N. S.; Desai, H. S.

Gell-Mann-Okubo mass formula-A modified version
p. 0595 | Tiwari, T. N.; Sharma, Saroj

Evaluation of nitrate displacement and wetting front depth following infiltration in coarse-textured soil
p. 0596 | Joshi, R. C.; Das, D. K.

Triterpenoides of Coriandrum Sativum seeds
p. 0598 | Naik, C. G.; Namboori, K. N.; Merchant, J. R.

Soda lake stromatolites from fregory Rift, East Africa
p. 0599 | Dixit, P. C.

Three new sphaeropsidales from India
p. 0601 | Soni, K. K.; Dadwal, V. S.; Jamaluddin

Symptomatology and transmission of witches'broom disease of soybean in India
p. 0603 | Dhingra, K. L.; Chenulu, V. V.

Leaf vein and apical bud necrosos of potato incited by Bacillus Polymyxa
p. 0605 | Piplani, Sunila; Shekhawat, G. S.; Ansari, M. M.

Cucurbitacins and morphogenesis in callus cultures
p. 0605 | Gadgil, V. N.; Halder, T.; Mandal, S.

Direct and indirect effects of Gamma Rays on stimulation of morphogenesis in long term tissue culture of Rice(Oryza Sativa L.)
p. 0606 | Sharma, D. R.; Dawra, S.; Chowdhury, J. B.

In situ germination of spores in Asplenium Rutaefolium
p. 0608 | Bhargava, Ashok K.; Bhargava, Shobhana; Singh, S. N.

Effect of selection on seedling handedness in Pigeon pea
p. 0608 | Rao, K. Lokendar; Birbahadur; Satyanarayana, A.

Transfer of male sterility from Gossypium Hirsutum to G. Barbadense
p. 0609 | Thombre, M. V.

Two new Soft Rot disease of Loquat from India
p. 0610 | Joshi, I. J.; Saxena, Alka; Saksena, S. B.

Effect of 2-Phenyl-3-Amino Quinazaline-4 One on Cosmarium Praemorsum. Breb.
p. 0610 | Sathia, G.; Laxma Reddy, K.; Vidyavati

Residual mercury level in a Blue-Green alga, westiellopsis Prolifica, Janet
p. 0611 | Rath, P.; Panigrahi, A. K.; Misra, B. N.

An addition to Indian Mycofora
p. 0612 | Jain, P. C.; Agrawal, S. C.

Elaboration of mycotoxins by Fungi associated with TIL (Sesamum Indicum L. )
p. 0613 | Reddy, A. S.; Reddy, S. M.

Occurrence of pentasonic and Hexasomic plants in Wild population of Coix-Gigantea
p. 0614 | Sapre, A. B.; Barve, S. S.

Diurnal Rhythmicity in total protein and copper contents of the blood of the Freshwater field crab, Oziotelphusa Senes Senex (Fabricus)
p. 0615 | Chetty, P. Sreenivasulu; Rani, V. Kala

p. 0617

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