Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1983
Research Articles
The Universe from less than 10-36 second to >1030 years-Part II
p. 0509 | Rees, Martin J.

p. 0517

Research Articles
Magnetic behaviour of RRh3B2 ternary borides
p. 0518 | Vijayaraghavan, R.

Scientific transformation of Indian agriculture - the second phase
p. 0528 | Jain, H. K.

p. 0534

From the archives
Current Science-50 years ago-Dr M. O. Foster and the Indian Institute of Science
p. 0535

Research Articles
Reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic separation of methylated and non-methylated nucleic aid bases
p. 0536 | Madyastha, Prema; Rao, Pratima; Deobagkar, D. N.; Madyastha, K. M.

A simple and reliable technique for mass scale serodiagnosis of human amoebiasis using drop of blood on filter paper
p. 0538 | Kumar, Sanjay; Das, P.; Malik, A.; Katiyar, S. K.; Anand, P.; Das, S. R.

The use of G-banding technique in the chromosome studies of a millipede species-Spirostreptus Asthenes
p. 0540 | Achar, K. P.

Short communications
Weak gamma transition of 0. 89 MeV of 207Pb
p. 0544 | Mishra, R. K.

Spectrophotometric studies of Iron(III) and Uranium(IV) complexes with 4,5,7-Trihydroxy-3-(p-Methoxyphenyl)coumarin
p. 0544 | Dhar, M. L.; Pandita, Kuldeep

A new one step preparation of picropodophyllone from Podophyllotoxin
p. 0546 | Murthy, C. Anjana; Rai, K. M. Lokanatha

Characterisation of sexes in the pupal stage of the sunflower caterpillar, Diacrisia Casignetum Kollar (Lepidoptera:Arctiidae)
p. 0547 | Banerjee, T. C.; Haque, N.

Middle cambrian trilobites from Karihul, Liddar valley, anantnag District, Kashmir and its significance
p. 0548 | Kumar, Gopendra; Singh, Gopal

Structure and development of the Caryopsis in Sporobolus Coromandelianus (Retz. ) Kunth.
p. 0549 | Satyamurthy, T. V.

RuDP and pep carboxylases activity in subaerial blue-green algae
p. 0550 | Tripathi, S. N.

Level of serum sialic acid in different stages of cervical cancer before and after therapy
p. 0552 | Maity, Putul; Chowdhury, J. Roy

Synchrony in Drechslera Sorokiniana population during primary infection of barley and wheat leaves
p. 0553 | Yadav, B. S.

Invitro hybridization in an incompatibel cross-BlackgramXgreengram
p. 0556 | Gosal, S. S.; Bajaj, P. S.

Discovery of eggs and fundatrix of Aphis Sp. from India (Homoptera:Aphididae)
p. 0558 | Agarwala, B. K.

Bursa kinetics during experimental ancylostomiasis in chickens
p. 0558 | Dev, D.; Agarwal, R. K.; Agarwal, S. M.

Contribution ot the reproductive biology of the Fern Lygodium Flexuosum (L. ) Sw.
p. 0560 | Lal, Nand; Roy, S. K.

Chemotaxonomy of a few compositae
p. 0562 | Devi, H. Maheswari; Girija, A. R.

Mycena Indica Sp. Nov. from India
p. 0564 | Sarwal, B. M.; Rawla, G. S.

A new leaf spot disease of garden nasturtium from India
p. 0565 | Agarwal, D. K.; Sarbhoy, A. K.

News- Understanding the earth-Deep crustal exploration
p. 0567 | Radhakrishna, B. P.

p. 0568

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Book Reviews
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