Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 10: 20 May, 1983
Research Articles
The Universe from less than 10-36 second to >1030 years -Part I
p. 0443 | Rees, Martin J.

p. 0449

Research Articles
Immunoprophylaxis in Leprosy
p. 0450 | Deo, M. G.

Applications of Antimitotics in Angiosperm Embryology
p. 0458 | Rangaswamy, N. S.; Subramanyan, Janaki

p. 0467

Research Articles
Current Science-50 years ago
p. 0468

p. 0468

Research Articles
Design of an Ion-pump based Helium analyser for Geological Investigations
p. 0469 | Gupta, S. K.

Mixed ligand complexes of Uranyl Bis-(Phenyl Acetate) with some Amines
p. 0471 | Jaiswal, Suneeta R.; Rupainwar, Dinesh C.

Host parasite Relationships in Channa Punctatus and Euclinostomum Heterostomum
p. 0474 | Gupta, A. K.; Agarwal, S. M.

Daily Rhythms in phosphorylase activity of the freshwater field Crab, Oziotelphusa Senex Senex (Fabricius)
p. 0477 | Raghupathi, M.; Reddy, D. Chandrasekhara; Purushottam, K. R.; Naidu, B. Padmanabha

p. 0479

Short communications
Angular distribution of Electron scaterred inelastically by Hydrogen atoms
p. 0480 | Desai, H. S.; Rao, N. S.

Binuclear Ni(II), Co(II), Cu(II), VO(II) and Pt(II) chelates of Schiff bases
p. 0481 | Mathur, R. P.; Mathur, Praveen; Mehta, R. K.

A Chemical examination of the fungus Sterum Elegans rich in Ergosterol
p. 0483 | Gupta, S. K.; Jain, A. C.

Fluorite mineralisation in the Mandi Granite, Himachal Pradesh, India
p. 0484 | Rawat, R. S.

Regeneration of plants from pollen- Embryos of Arachis, Brassica and Triticum SPS. Cryopreserved for one year
p. 0484 | Bajaj, Y. P. S.

A High frequency of nullisomics in the wild population of Coix Gigantea (Poaceae)
p. 0486 | Sapre, A. B.; Brave, Suniti S.

A New leaf spot disease of Mulberry (Morus alba L. )
p. 0487 | Gupta, P. C.; Dang, J. K.

Seed mycoflora of finger millet (Eleusine coracana) and its effect on seed viability
p. 0488 | Reddy, C. Narayana

Intra-Cortical occurrence of Beijerinckia Indica in some rice (Oryza sativa L. ) varieties
p. 0491 | Karkhanis, Ranjana

Euastrum Verrucosum Ehrenb., Division under scanning electron microscope
p. 0492 | Vidyavati

Induced mutations for seed protein improvement in Hordeum vulgare L.
p. 0493 | Bhargava, Y. R.; Khalatkar, A. S.

Basidiocarp productionby Termitomyces microcarpus (Berk. and Br. ) heim in culture
p. 0494 | De, A. B.

Extracellular products of three species of Alternaria
p. 0495 | Bharathi, P.; Sunita, M.; Renuka, B. R.

Chemotherapy of periwinkle little leaf disease
p. 0496 | Kar, R. K.; Kabi, T.; Pattnaik, H.

Effect of growth hormones on retention of fruiting bodies in cotton
p. 0498 | Sandhu, B. S.; Brar, S. S.

Research Articles
A new record of emergence of Hieroglyphus nigrorepletus Bol. (Acrididae:Orthoptera) at Aligarh
p. 0498 | Agarwal, Sujata; Rizvi, S. K. A.

Short communications
Induced breeding of Cirrhina Mrigala (Ham. ) using catfish pituitary extracts
p. 0499 | Rishi, K. K.; Kaul, M.

Haploglobins in South Indian Fish
p. 0500 | Sasikala, K.

Mating, oviposition and emergence of diadegma trichoptilus (Cameron) (Hymenopters:Ichneumonidae), a larval parasitoid of Exalastics atomosa Fab.
p. 0501 | Sathe, T. V.; Nikam, P. K.

Occurrence of triploidy and parthenogenesis in the allocreadium fasciatusi Kakaji 1969
p. 0502 | Ramanjaneyulu, J. V.; Madhavi, R.

Occurrence of ventral prostate in the female Gerbil, Tatera Indica cuveirii (Waterhouse)
p. 0503 | Raj, G. Govinda; Kadam, K. M.

p. 0504

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Book Reviews
p. 0505

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