Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 05: 05 Mar, 1983
Research Articles
Phase conjugate optics
p. 0193 | Agarwal, G. S.

The general problem of regulation of cell division and Malignant transformation-1. The Phenomology and the Questions
p. 0199 | Bhargava, P. M.

From the archives
Current Science- 50 years ago
p. 0206

Research Articles
A Hypothesis for a double helix in which the two polynucleitide strands intercalate instead of Base-Pairs
p. 0207 | Viswamitra, M. A.; Pandit, J.

Variable Anion Polarisability in Ionic crystals
p. 0210 | Raghurama, G.; Narayanan, Ramesh

p. 0212

Short communications
Performance of 56 AVP photomultiplier
p. 0213 | Mishra, R. K.

Radiation resistance of corner driven loop antenna immersed in a two component warm plasma
p. 0214 | Kumar, Anil; Gupta, R. K.

Effect of CdCl2 on the Quantitative variation of carbohydrate, protein, amino acids and cholesterol in ,Chrysocoris Stolli Wolf (Insecta : Hemiptera)
p. 0215 | Islam, Aminul; Roy, Subrata

A new record of commenalism between Argyrodes Progiles Tikader (Aranea: Theridiidae) and Stegodyphus Sarasinorum Karsch
p. 0217 | Bradoo, B. L.

Achyla Oryzae Nagai, A new record for Indian Aquatic fungi
p. 0218 | Verma, B. L.; Khulbe, R. D.

Acid Mucopolysaccharides in the Lens-cuticle of the Freshwater Prawn, Macrobrachium Birmanicum
p. 0219 | Dey, Sudip; Varman, A. Raghu

Polyschema Chambalensis Sp. nov. from Indian soil
p. 0220 | Joshi, I. J.; Chauhan, R. K. S.; Saksena, S. B.

A Simple and Rapid detection method for Aflatoxin using Polythene Minicolumn
p. 0222 | Madhyastha, M. S.; Bhat, Ramesh V.

Foliar Stomatal development in three Spp. of Aristolochia L.
p. 0223 | Philip, Tomy

p. 0224

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
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p. 0232

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