Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 52 - Issue 04: 20 Feb, 1983
Research Articles
Genetic engineering: Problem, Perspective and Proposition
p. 0151 | Biswas, B. B.

p. 0156

From the archives
Current Science-Fifty years ago
p. 0157

Research Articles
Extractive Photometric determination of Vanadium (V) as Azido mixed ligand complex with N-Hydroxy-N-p-Chlorophenyl-N'-(2-Methyl) phenyl-p-Toluamidine hydrochloride
p. 0158 | Sharma, P. K.; Mishra, R. K.

Short communications
Some generalized Friedmann models
p. 0160 | Abdussattar

Zircons in Quartzofeldspathic Gneiss from Kottayam district, Kerala
p. 0161 | Narayanaswamy; Nair, A. M.

Rare radioactive Perpotassic alkali syenites from parts of South Sikkim, India
p. 0162 | Singh, Jagmer; Saxena, D. N.; Verma, H. M.; Raju, R. Dhana

Trichoderma Pseudokoningii Rifai Aggr: A new record for India
p. 0164 | Tiwari, Uma

Riccia Curtish (Aust. ) James from Kumaon, Himalayas
p. 0164 | Tewari, S. D.; Pant, Giribala

Catillaria Manipurensis- A new species of Lichen and a note on Lopadium Austroindicum from India
p. 0165 | Singh, K. P.

Occurence of Terminalia in the Lower Siwalik beds near Koilbasa, Nepal
p. 0167 | Tripathi, P. P.; Tiwari, V. D.

Gelanispora Brasiliensis Ram,- A new record from India
p. 0167 | Chauhan, Shashi; Agarwal, A. K.; Chauhan, R. K. S.

Leersia Hexandra as an alternate host of rice gall midge in India
p. 0168 | Natarajan, K.; Mathur, K. C.; Rajamani, S.

Nomenclature changes in the genus Oidium
p. 0170 | Bhagyanarayana, G.; Ramachar, P.

All plant Mycoplasmas are not Spiroplasma
p. 0171 | Dube, H. D.; Kothari, I. L.

Reduction in Tissue sensitivity to Auxin action in Gamma-Irradiated Barley Coleoptile
p. 0172 | Dave, I. C.; Mathews, T.; Gaur, B. K.

Observations on the nature of damage to rice earheads by Thrips, Haplothrips Ganglbaueri Schmutz
p. 0173 | Vidyasagar, P. S. P. V.; Kulshreshtha, J. P.

Variation of protein and nucleic acid during Larval development of Chironomus Barbatitarsis in normal and Aposymbiotic conditions
p. 0174 | Islam, Aminul; Roy, Subrata

A new species of the genus Danio Hamilton from India (Pisces: Cyprinidae)
p. 0177 | Barman, R. P.

The occurence of Trehalase in the Euborellia Annulipes (Lucas) Dermaptera
p. 0178 | Raghavan, V. Veera; Ibrahimsia, M. Mohammed

Effect of Alpha-Methyl Dopa administration of the Pheromonal block to implementation in Mice
p. 0179 | Sahu, S. C.; Dominic, C. J.

p. 0181

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