Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1982
Research Articles
Surface Raman Spectroscopy : A new Analytical technique in Surface Science
p. 1049 | Jha, Sudhanshu S.

p. 1057

From the archives
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings
p. 1058

Synthesis of some new 7-nitro-2-phenyl-3(-3'-Arylcarbamido-1'-carbonylalkyl)-4 (3H)-Quinazolones as potential antiviral agents
p. 1060 | Mukherji, D. D.; Shukla, S. K.; Agnihotri, A. K.; Nautiyal, S. R.

Research Articles
Influence of anticoagulants on Erythrocytes sedimentation as determined by He-Ne laser
p. 1064 | Singh, Megha

p. 1067

Letters to the Editor
Dielectric Breakdown properties of aluminium nitride films
p. 1068 | Mangalaraj, D.; Radhakrishnan, M.; Balasubramanian, C.

Structure of a new Flavone Glycoside from Ixora Arborea Stem
p. 1069 | Chauhan, J. S.; Kumar, Santosh; Chaturvedi, Rajesh

Fossil Impressions of Jelly-Fish in the Nimbahera Limestone, Semri group of Vindhyan supergroup of Rocks
p. 1070 | Sisodiya, D. S.

A Teratological Cosmos without Ray Florets
p. 1071 | Lakshmi, N.; Vardhan, Z. Vishnu; Rao, N. B.

Two new post-harvest diseases of fruits from India
p. 1071 | Jain, S. K.; Saxena, A. K.; Saksena, S. B.

Hydrocarbon Utilization by Aeromonas, Arthobacter, Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium, Micrococcus, Mycobacterium, Nocardia and Serratia Spp
p. 1072 | Ghosh, Bidya B.; Banerjee, A. K.

Regmatodon Declinatus (Hook) Brid - A new record for the North-Western Himalayas, India
p. 1075 | Vashistha, B. D.; Chopra, R. N.

Sauromatum Guttatum (Schott) A fly catcher and Sampler Aroid
p. 1076 | Dakwale, S.; Bhatnagar, S.

A note on Ovoviviparity in Culex Quinquefasciatus (Diptera:Cucilidae)
p. 1077 | Arunachalam, N.; Ramaiah, K. Dasaradha; Kumar, N. Pradeep; Balarajan, K.

Effect of metabolic inibitors on Excystment process in Entamoeba Histolytica
p. 1078 | Sharma, R. K.; Ghosh, Sheela; Das, S. R.

Role of neurotransmitters in the aestivation of the Indian Apple Snail, Pila Globosa (Swainson)
p. 1079 | Mohan, P. Murali; Yellamma, K.; Subhashini, K.; Babu, K. Sasira

On the occurence of a fossil Janthina Roeding (Gastropoda: Prosobranchiata) from Andaman Islands
p. 1081 | Krishnan, S.; Subbarao, N. V.; Lakshminarayana, K. V.

Significance of the Histological changes in the fat body of Periplanta Americana (L) infected with the cystacanths of Moniliformis moniliformis (Bremser)
p. 1082 | Ramalingam, K.; Krishnan, M.; Ganesh, R. N.

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