Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 19: 05 Oct, 1982
Research Articles
Some aspects of nucleus-nucleus collisions at medium energies
p. 0913 | Kapoor, S. S.

From the archives
50 Years of Current Science- Gleanings
p. 0921

Research Articles
MHD unsteady Hale-Shaw flow of visco-elastic fluid
p. 0922 | Gupta, P. C.; Sharma, R. G.

Some mixed coordination compounds of titanium(IV): A new synthesis for cyclopentadienyl and indenyl titanium (IV) derivatives-II
p. 0924 | Rastogi, M. K.

Proteolytic activity of rabbit brain tissues at various pH values
p. 0926 | Kaur, Amarjit; Singh, Hari

p. 0928

Research Articles
Histochemical activity of acid phosphatase and adenosine triphosphatase in pancreas of buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis) during rumen development
p. 0929 | Setia, M. S.; Khatra, G. G. S.; Verman, P. N.

p. 0930

Letters to the Editor
Cathodoluminescence of Eu3+ in LaCl3
p. 0931 | Shah, J.; Joshi, N. B.; Tripathi, H. B.; Pant, D. D.

Tephrone, A new chalcone from Tephrosia Candida seeds
p. 0933 | Chibber, S. S.; Dutt, S. K.

Energy terms of f2-configuration by constructing the pigeon hole diagram
p. 0934 | Joshi, G. K.

Occurrence of a rate diholosylflavone, 2-O-glucosylvitexin in Demodium triflorum
p. 0936 | Adinarayana, D.; Syamasundar, K. V.

Lactic dehydrogenase isoenzymes in tumours associated tieh cyst fluid
p. 0937 | Subhash, M. N.; Shankar, S. K.; Rao, B. S. Sridhara Rama

Delaying of Rosa damascena Petal senescence by certain plant growth regulators
p. 0939 | Rao, G. N.

Occurrence of Leptoxyphium bahiense Bat and Clf. on the midrib of cotton leaves
p. 0941 | Balasubramanian, R.

Petriella sordida, A new fungal record to India
p. 0942 | Joshi, I. J.; Chauhan, R. K. S.

Differentiation of heterocysts and spores in Cylindrospermum
p. 0942 | Anand, N.; Rangaswamy, R.

Name correction of Striga asiatica as S. angustifolia
p. 0945 | Rao, P. N.; Reddy, B. V. N.

Induced tetraploidy in Dolichos lablab Linn.
p. 0945 | Philip, Tomy

Note on determinate and spreading variants in cluster bean
p. 0945 | Rao, S. Ram Mohan; Murty, P. K.; Rao, Digamber

Cytological shift between lymphocytes and thrombocytes in the fresh waster fish, Badis buchanani
p. 0947 | Rao, C. A. P.; Sarma, S. S. S.

Bimodal oxygen uptake and some blood parameters in the bubble nest builder, Trichogaster pectoralis (Regan)
p. 0948 | Natarajan, G. M.; Rajulu, G. Sundara

Blood volume of freshwater field crab as a function of salinity adaptation
p. 0950 | Subramanyam, M. V. V.; Krishnamoorthy, R. V.

p. 0951

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