Current Science
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ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 17: 05 Sep, 1982
General Articles
The three-body problem: Third generation and beyond
p. 0803 | Mitra, A. N.

p. 0807

Research Articles
The three technologies
p. 0808 | Narasimha, Roddam

p. 0812

From the archives
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings
p. 0813

Research Articles
X-Ray diffraction studies of Gall stones
p. 0814 | Nagpal, K. C.; Ghori, T. A. K.; Ali, S. Z.

Reaction of tetraphenylditin diacetate with n-phenyl-benzohyroxamic acid and 8-hydroxyquinoline
p. 0815 | Pradhan, B.; Ghosh, A. K.

Synthesis and anthelmintic activity of 1-(5'-substituted phenoxy methyl,1',3',4'-thiadiazol-2'-yl), 2'-methyl-4-substituted benzylidene imidazol-5-ones
p. 0817 | Shukla, J. S.; Agarwal, Kanchan

Synthesis of some newer, 1-heterocyclic amino/iminomethyl-2-substituted benzimidazoles as a potent CNS, anticonvulsant and monoamine oxidase inhibitory agents
p. 0820 | Shukla, J. S.; Saxena, Shradha; Rastogi, Renu

Sensitivity analysis on aquifer parameters using a digital model
p. 0823 | Briz-kishore, B. H.

Electrophoretic studies of the hexokinase of Entamoeba Histolytica
p. 0825 | Das, S. R.; Singh, M. P.; Das, P.; Ghoshal, S.; Gupta, A. K.

Effect of diethyl carbamazine citrate on precocious puberty induced by esteradiol monobenzoate in immature Rats
p. 0828 | Murthy, M. S.; Subbu, V. S. Venkata

Effect of Magnesium on the toxicity of Chromium and Lead towards Escherichia coli and Aerobacter aerogenes
p. 0830 | Bagle, U. S.; Varma, A. K.

Letters to the Editor
A note on the Mechanics of muscle
p. 0833 | De, Sasadhar

Pulsed NMR studies of molecular reorientation in CH3NH3I
p. 0835 | Sundaram, C. S.; Ramakrishna, J.

Induction of crowngall tumor on Vigna Sinensis (Linn) Savi and Studies on nucleic acid synthesis in isolated gall nuclei
p. 0836 | Dutta, R.; Palit, S.; Sarkar, G.; Dube, D. K.

Synthesis of new genotypes of Brassica nepus suitable for cultivation in India
p. 0838 | Raut, R. N.; Kaul, Tribawan

A rapid Seedling test for Gibberellin response in rice
p. 0840 | Narahari, P.; Bhagawat, S. G.

Biochemical changes in Mosabi fruit inoculated with species of aflatoxin producing aspergilli
p. 0841 | Singh, Anjana; Sinha, K. K.

Gynoecial ontogeny in Canscora sessiliflora Roem
p. 0842 | Balasubramanian, V.; Arunachalam, A.

A new record of edible Russula from India
p. 0844 | Jana, Kamal Kumar; Purkayastha, R. P.

Two unrecorded fungi on seeds of sesamum (Sesamum Indicum Linn)
p. 0844 | Reddy, A. S.; Reddy, S. M.

A new leaf Blight disease of groundnut caused by Alternaria tenuissima (Kunze ex Pers) Wilts
p. 0845 | Ghewande, M. P.; Pandey, R. N.; Shukla, A. K.; Mishra, D. P.

A new Species of Mycovevellosiella from India
p. 0846 | Kumar, P.; Kamal

Two Species of Cymbella Ag- New to India
p. 0847 | Prasad, B. N.; Srivastava, M. N.

Toxonomy and Myogen patterns of some caecilians of the Indian subcontinent
p. 0848 | Balakrishna, T. A.; Shankuntala, Katre; Gundappa, K. R.

Effects of technical grade malathion and DDT onthe action of chlorpromazine diazepam and pentobarbitone with reference to fighting behaivour in mice
p. 0849 | Uppal, R. P.; Garg, B. D.; Ahmad, A.

Insulin tolerance test in the normal and hypophysectomized toad, Bufo melanostictus (Schneider)
p. 0851 | Mehendale, M. S.; Padgaonkar, A. S.

Steroid hormone producing sites in the ovary of two species of Otters. Lutra lutra and Aonyx cineria: A histochemical study
p. 0852 | Murali, S.; Prasad, D. Theertha; Sarkar, H. B. Devaraj

p. 0854

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Book reviews
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Personal News
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