Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1982
General Articles
Micrometallic particles
p. 0671

p. 0676

Research Articles
Precambrian pictric pillow lavas from Nomira, Koenjhar, Eastern India
p. 0677 | Bose, Mihir K.

p. 0684

From the archives
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings
p. 0685

Research Articles
Halftone image analysis at non-zero diffraction orders
p. 0686 | Karim, Mohammad A.

Radiation resistance of a loop antenna in two components warm plasma
p. 0689 | Gupta, R. K.; Kumar, Anil

Synthesis of some disulphide and trisulphide sulphinate salts as antithyroid agents
p. 0692 | Srivatava, P. K; Chandra, Ramesh; Gupta, M. B.

Study of dielectric relaxation processes using an approach based on the polarizability function plots
p. 0695 | Singh, Amar; Saxena, S. K.; Saxena, M. C.

Letters to the Editor
Mechanics of vacuoles in plant cells
p. 0700 | De, Sasadhar

Mollwo-Ivey relation for KCl-KBr mixed crystals
p. 0701 | Subramaniam, Brinda; Bansigir, K. G.

A Study of some toxic constituents of five new varieties of pigeon pea (Cajanus Cajan L. )
p. 0703 | Srivastava, S. K.; Bajpai, R. K.

Thiourea derivatives as anti-tubercular compounds
p. 0704 | Shinde, B. R.; Shinde, N. M.; Parab, G. S.

Absorption and Translocation of 59Fe by some rice genotypes
p. 0705 | Misal, M. B.; Nerkar, Y. S.

Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas in three plantation crops and cultivars of field bean
p. 0707 | Manjunath, A.; Bagyaraj, D. J.

Embryology of sonchus Oleraceus Linn.
p. 0708

Occurence of luminescent bacteria in sediments
p. 0710 | Jayabalan, N.; Chandran, R.; Sivakumar, V.; Ramamoorthy, K.

Effect of the juvenoid, hydroprene on the ovaries of sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius F. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)
p. 0711 | Ram, G. Maruthi; Rao, B. Kishen; Thakur, S. S.

An uncommon Psyllid gall of Ficus bangalensis
p. 0713 | Kandaswamy, C.

p. 0714

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
p. 0715

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