Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 13: 05 Jul, 1982
Research Articles
Syad Nyaya system (SNS)- A new formulation of senential logic and its isomorphism with Boolean algebra of genus 2
p. 0625 | Ramachandran, G. N.

p. 0636

General Articles
Airglow emission as a temperature probe in Earth's atmosphere
p. 0637 | Kulkarni, P. V.

Application of Cyanoethylation and related reactions in the synthesis of heterocycles
p. 0640 | Merchant, J. R.; Upasani, R. B.; Venkatesh, Mohan

p. 0649

From the archives
50 years of Current Science- Gleanings
p. 0650

p. 0650

Research Articles
Electron Donor-acceptor complexes of substituted benzenes with quinones
p. 0651 | Dwivedi, P. C.; Gupta, Avanija; Banga, A. K.

Distribution of neurosecretory material in the neurosecretory system of Odontopus Varicornis (Dist) (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)
p. 0654 | Kamalakannan, D. R.

Letters to the Editor
Excited state dipole moment of Phloxine (Tetra-Bromo-Dichlorofluorescein)
p. 0657 | Sharma, Ashutosh; Machwe, M. K.

Effect of BaTiO3 on unit cell parameter of Dy0. 5Li0. 5TiO3
p. 0659 | Patil, P. V.

Nature of Paleocurrents and environmental signifance of Vindhyans (Kaimur Quartzite) around Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan
p. 0660 | Shridhar, K. N.; Jain, P. K.

Tapetal dimorphism in Jasminum Grandiflorum Linn
p. 0661 | Makde, K. H.

Planophila Terrestris groover and Hofstetter- A new record for India
p. 0662 | Balakrishnan, M. S.; Deore, Leela T.

A new Rhizoctonia root-rot of Gram
p. 0663 | Siradhana, B. S.; Shivpuri, A.; Jat, R. G.

Amino Acid changes in ageing Bruchid, Zabrotes subfasciatus Boh. (Coleoptera)
p. 0664 | Sharma, Suraj P.; Bhatia, Pardeep K.

Induction of growth in explanted Inflorescence axis of Banana
p. 0666 | Rao, N. K. Srinivasa; Chacko, E. K.; Swamy, R. Dore; Narayanswamy, S.

Spiropes Guareicola (Stev. ) Cif. causing a new Storage disease of Oranges
p. 0667 | Ravichandran, V.; Sullia, S. B.

Two most suitable indices of lodging for wheat
p. 0667 | Vaidya, S. M.; Joshi, A. B.; Murthy, B. R.

Metabolic Depression in the freshwater Teleost, Cyprinus Carpio exposed to an organophosphate pesticide
p. 0668 | Nagaratnamma, R.; Amamurti, R. R.

p. 0669

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Book Reviews
p. 0670

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