Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 09: 05 May, 1982
General Articles
Occultation:A precise method in astronomical studies
p. 0443 | Bhattacharya, J. C.

p. 0447

Research Articles
Growth strategies of trees and their application to Forest managemant
p. 0448 | Ramakrishnan, P. S.; Shukla, R. P.; Boojh, Ram

p. 0455

From the archives
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings
p. 0456

p. 0459

Research Articles
Synthesis of biologically active 1-(Arylidene-Amino-Ethyl)-2-Methyl/Phenyl-4-(benzilidene)-imidazoline-5-ones
p. 0460 | Pandey, V. K.; Lohani, H. C.

Nitrogen Fixation by Blue-Green algae associated with deepwater rice
p. 0462 | Watanabe, Iwao; Ventura, Wilbur

p. 0465

Letters to the Editor
Crystal data on L-epinephrine hydrochloride monohydrate
p. 0466 | Vedavathi, B. M.; Mani, A.; Vijayan, Kalyani

(n, alpha) and (n, p) Cross sections in some Se and Zn isotopes at 14 MeV
p. 0466 | Rao, C. V. Srinivasa; Das, N. Lakshmana; Rao, B. V. Thirumala; Rao, J. Rama

Study of ESCA and Auger chemical shifts in some Gallium compounds
p. 0468 | Murthy, P. S.; Rao, S. V. N. Bhaskara; Sharma, S. K.; Grampurohit, S. V.

Mutation induction by benomyl in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
p. 0469 | Gunasekaran, P.; Tauro, P.

Anti-inflammatory activity of Lawsonia inermis
p. 0470 | Singh, Sujatha; Shrivastava, N. M.; Modi, N. T.; Saifi, A. Q.

On the developmental morphology of some abnormal stomatal types in the leaf galls of Barleria Prionotis Linn., (Acanthaceae) induced by Ferising virgata (Coccidae: insecta)
p. 0471 | Babujee, C. R.; Raman, A.

Neutral Red as a marker for Lysosome-like particles in potato
p. 0473 | Gupta, H. S.; Barua, B. L.; Dhiman, K. R.

A Typical symptom of muskmelon wilt induced by Fusarium Oxysporum Schlecht
p. 0473 | Radhakrishnan, P.; Sen, Bineeta

Three new records of Helvella from India
p. 0474 | Joshi, M. C.; Bishi, N. S.; Harsh, N. S. K.

Cowpea top Necrosis-caused by Fusarium Equiseti (Corda) Sacc
p. 0475 | Ramachandran, Padma; Summanwar, A. S.; Lal, S. P.

Octospora Euchora, A rare pezizales from India
p. 0477 | Kaushal, S. C.; Kaushal, R.

A Myxomycete, Fuligo intermedia Macbr. On masses from Nainital
p. 0478 | Pant, Giribala; Tewari, S. D.

Induction of male sterility in Solanum Khasianum Clarke by the use of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid
p. 0479 | Haleem, S. A.; Thimmaraju, K. R.

Natural incidence of grain smut in Sawa
p. 0480 | Pawar, C. P.; Rathod, R. K.; Navale, P. A.; Harinarayana, G.

Two new species of Phyllosticta from India
p. 0480 | Chowdhry, P. N.; Gupta, Durga; Padhi, B.

Occurence of sexuparae and sexual morphs of wooly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum hausmann) in Simla Hills, India
p. 0481 | Gautam, D. C.; Verma, L. R.

Occurence of Thelephora Terrestries in India
p. 0483 | Natarajan, K.; Raman, N.

Solubility of Proline and its biological significance
p. 0485 | Sastry, K. S. Krishna; Udayakumar, M.; Devendra, R.; Mekhri, A. A.

Esterase activity in the Osmoregulators
p. 0486 | Fernandez, H.; Rasheed, U.; Simha, S. S.

p. 0487

Book Reviews
Book Reviews
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