Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 51 - Issue 03: 05 Feb, 1982
General Articles
Biological application of photoacoustic spectroscopy
p. 0111 | Balasubramanian, D.; Rao, Ch. Mohan

p. 0117

General Articles
Schist-genesis relationship in the archaean of Dharwar Craton
p. 0118 | Pichamuthu, C. S.

p. 0124

From the archives
50 Years of Current Science-Gleanings
p. 0125

p. 0126

Research Articles
Fourier representation of halftone transmittances corresponding to various cell shapes
p. 0127 | Karim, Mohammad A.

p. 0129

Research Articles
Complexes of some lanthanides with p-dimethylaminoanil of flourene glyoxal
p. 0130 | Verma, H. S.; Pal, Anan; Saxena, R. C.; Saxena, G. C.

An early maturing groundnut with foliaceous stipule marker
p. 0132 | Mouli, Chandra; Kale, D. M.

p. 0134

Letters to the Editor
Determination of the degree of heterogeneity of polystyrene samples by electron microscopy
p. 0135 | Upadhyay, S. N.; Mall, R. P.

Hypocholesterolemic effect of trigonella foenum graceum (Methi)
p. 0136 | Singhal, P. C.; Gupta, R. K.; Joshi, L. D.

Influence of alien pollen on some fibre properties of cotton
p. 0137 | Krishnaswami, R.

Prevention of aflatoxin production on some cereals and oilseeds by O-vanillin
p. 0138 | Bilgrami, K. S.; Sinha, K. K.; Singh, Premlata

Survival of anther-and ovule derived cotton callus frozen in liquid nitrogen
p. 0139 | Bajaj, Y. P. S.

Charcol rot of mango
p. 0140 | Dhawan, Shashi

Free proline accumulation in response to water stress in wheat seedlings
p. 0141 | Pandey, D. K.

New market disease of Barhal fruit
p. 0143 | Roy, A. N.; Sharma, R. B.; Sharma, K. G.

A technique for somatic counts from root tips of cereal seedlings raised by embryo culture
p. 0143 | Sharma, H. C.

Septoria crepidis vestergen : A new record from India
p. 0144 | Singh, A. K.; Kamal; Singh, S. K.

Effect of GA3 and GA4+7 on the tendril formation in Cucurbita Pepo L. ev. HS-1
p. 0145 | Krishnamoorthy, H. N.; Rao, M. Mohan

Crude Drug and anthraquinone yield of discarded parts of the senns plant (Cassa Angustifolia Vahl,)
p. 0146

Pons in the termite brain
p. 0146 | Sharma, Suraj P.; Sharma, Umesh K.

Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in the chromosomes of Musdunni (Wroughton)
p. 0147 | Manjunatha, K. R.; Aswathanarayana, N. V.

On the occurrence of a colonial ascidian, Lissoclinum fragile (van Name, 1902) from India
p. 0149 | Renganathan, T. K.

First record of Coccophagus silvestril Compere (Aphelinidae: Hymenoptera) from India parasiting on a new host, the soft brown scale, Coccus hespiridium
p. 0149 | Singh, Rajendra; Pandey, Ranjan K.; Kumar, Aravind; Sinha, T. B.

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