Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1981
Short communications
Catalysis by transition metal complexes - Achievements and promises
p. 1047 | Rajagopal, A.; Kuriacose, J. C

Research Articles
A study of structural domains in t-RNA. A diagonal plot using the blocked nuceotide concept
p. 1053 | Malathi, R.; Yathindra, N.

Detection of contaminants on some solid surfaces by using auger electron spectrometer
p. 1055 | Luktuke, R. D.; Gopalaraman, C. P.; Rohatgi, V. K.

Potassium N-iodo benzene sulphonamide as an oxidimetric titrants in aqueous medium
p. 1057 | Rangaswamy; Yathirajan, H. S

Analysis of cross-immune reactions I. Effect of Hymenolepis nana infection in the expulsion of ancylostoma caninum larvae in mice
p. 1059 | Vyas, S.; Vardhani, V. V.; Johri, G. N.

Letters to the Editor
Thermal emission spectrum of H-X and I-X systems of NiBr molecule
p. 1061 | Gopal, R.; Joshi, M. M.

Proton magnetic relaxationin (NH4)2ZnCl4
p. 1064 | Sundaram, C. S.; Ramakrishna, J.

Habit modification caused by 2-thiouracil during the electrodeposition of copper on copper(100)face
p. 1065 | Sarma, R. Lakshmana; Nageswar, S.

A convenient synthesis of meliternatin
p. 1066 | Bhardwaj, D. K.; Kohli, R. M.; Manchanda, C. K.; Prashar, Minu

A novel route to polyhaloarylchalcones
p. 1067 | Dua, S. S.; Hemrajani, C.

Double infection by citrinin-producing fungi on Sorghum
p. 1068 | Bandre, T. R.; Daginawala, H. F.; Powar, C. B.

Spectrophotometric determination of Iron(II0 by synergistic extraction with N-hydroxy-N--m-tolyl-NN'-alpha-naphthy-benzamidine hydrochloride and thiocyanate
p. 1070 | Mohabey, Hemlata; Sharma, Pramod Kumar; Mishra, Rajendra Kumar

Early diagnosis of kresek (wilt)phase of bacterial blight of rice
p. 1071 | Srinivasan, N.

Foliar nectaries in Terminalia arjuna (Combretaceae)
p. 1072 | Ramakrishna, T. M.; Rajashekara, G.

A prehistoric site at Vullipattadi (Near Sri Padmavathi Women. s College, Tirupati) Chittiir District, South India
p. 1074 | Bhaskar, S.

A new species of umbilicaria from Ladak, India
p. 1075 | Nagarkar, M. B.; Patwardhan, P. G.

Atactogaster inducens (Walker), A new root grub pest of upland paddy and maize
p. 1076 | Reddy, M. Vikram

Toxicity of phytoalexin to bacterial pathogens of Man
p. 1077 | Govindarajan, G.; Gnanamanickam, Samuel S.

Some new host records of the root-knot nematode, Meioidogyne javanica (Treub, 1885) Chitwood, 1949
p. 1079 | Haseeb, Akhtar; Khan, Abrar M.; Saxena, S. K.

Chemotaxonomy of some annonaceae
p. 1079 | Narayana, L. L.; Sundari, I. T.; Radhakrishnaiah, M.

Flower rot of verbena caused by Alternaria state of pleospora infectoria Fuckel
p. 1080 | Mondal, N. C.; Chaudhuri, Subhendu

A new fruit rot of pomegranato caused by Aspergillus variecolor
p. 1080 | Sharma, R. B.; Roy, A. N.; Singh, G.

Occurrence of powdery mildew of parthenium caused by Oidium parthenii Sp. Nov.
p. 1081 | Satyaprasad, K.; Usharani, P.

An unusual circadian rhythm with a precise 24-hour period
p. 1082 | Chandrashekaran, M. K.

Neoligo Singli n. sp. (cestoda : Dilepididae) from Micropus affinis at Parbhani
p. 1083 | Shinde, G. B.; Yadhav, B. V.; Kadam, S. S.

Occurrence of Spatheteredo Moll (Bivalvia: Terodinidae) in India
p. 1084 | Dharmaraj, K.; Nair, N. Balakrishnan

Monodelphic female of aquatides thornei Schneidler, 1937 (Nematoda : Dorylaimida) with two spears
p. 1086 | Bajaj, Harish K.; Bhatti, D. S.

A new species of Monoctonus (hymenoptera: Aphdiidae) from Kashmir, India
p. 1087 | Bhagat, Ramesh C.

p. 1089

p. 1090

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