Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 14: 20 Jul, 1981
Short communications
Calandria for the 100 Mw thermal research reactor at BARC
p. 0607 | Challappa, S.; Alekal, R. S.

Research Articles
The relationship between density and potential fluctuations in low frequency magnetoplasma turbulence
p. 0613 | Jones, R.

The reactivity of α-cyanochalcones as Michael acceptors
p. 0615 | Khalifa, Mohamed Ali Elsayed; Tammam, Gamal H.; Zayed, Ezzat M.

Solar tracking and light interception by leaves of some dicot species
p. 0618 | Rajendrudu, G.; Das, V. S. Rama

Seed-borne infections of Alternaria brassicae in Indian mustard and its elimination during storage
p. 0621 | Chahal, A.

The effect of short term treatment of methallibure [ICI compound 33,828] on the histomorphololgical and enzymatic aspects of testes and thumb pad of toad, Buffo melanostictus
p. 0623 | Kanamadi, R. D.; Saidapur, S. K.

Letters to the Editor
A static source of the taub solution
p. 0625 | Kale, P. P.; Purohit, Amita

Correlation for thermally affected fission tracks in glass (Obsidian) by age plateau method
p. 0626 | Singh, Surender; Suri, P. S.; Virk, H. S.

Mechanism of inhibition of electrode ractions-Cu2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+ ions discharge from aqueous sodium sulphate in the presence of surface active substances
p. 0627 | Venkatachalam, G. S.; Rajagopalan, S. R.; Sastri, M. V. C.

Inhibition of alpha amylase by polycationic ionen
p. 0629 | Mulimani, V. H.; Day, R. A.

Synthesis of 7-methoxyoccidol [2-(2'-hydroxyisopropyl)-7-methoxy 5,8-dimethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene], A bio-congener of occidol
p. 0631 | Reddy, P. Anantha; Rao, G. S. Krishna

Studies of some naththothia-aza compounds as plant growth promoters
p. 0632 | Kulkarni, A. P.; Dev, D. V.; Deshpande, D. S.

Hemolytic effects of a membrane active polypeptide from central Asian cobra venom
p. 0634 | Khole, Vijay; Tashmukhamedov, B. A.

Formation of giant hepatocytes in response of radiation
p. 0637 | Gupta, M. L.; Devi, P. Uma

14CO2 incorporation studies in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L. ) Under phosphorus deficience
p. 0638 | Rao, G. Gururaja; Basha, S. K. Mahaboob; Rao, G. Rajeswara

Press mud as additive to increase biogas production from cattle waste
p. 0640 | Singh, Rajendra; Jain, M. K.; Tauro, P.

Role of soluble sugars in the resistance of susceptibility of greengram varieties to bacterial leaf blight caused by Xanthomonas phaseoli
p. 0643 | Mariamuthu, T.; Kandaswamy, T. K.

Karyomorphological studies on Piper attenuattum Ham. A new record
p. 0646 | Jose, Joseph

Studies in the laminaceae. X. A. Note on the sporogenesis and gametogenesis in Nepeta hindostana (Roth. ) Haines
p. 0647 | Dwivedi, N. K.; Joshi, B. M.

A report on the cytology of Paspalum compactum var. fimbriatum
p. 0649 | Halappanavar, S. P.; Chennaveeraiah, M. S

Worm cataract of Heteropneustes fossils (Bloch)
p. 0651 | Dubey, N. K.; Dubey, Usha; Pandey, P. K.

p. 0652

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