Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 08: 20 Apr, 1981
Short communications
Evolution of hybrid-4 cotton
p. 0343 | Patel, C. T.

Research Articles
Confirmation of a triple helical fragment at atomic resolution
p. 0347 | Subramanian, E.

On MHD unsteady Hele-Shaw flow of visco-elastic fluid-I
p. 0349 | Bathaiah, D.; Rani, C. Usha

Palynological studies on some liverworts of Garhwal Himalayas
p. 0353 | Sharma, M. P.; Raturi, R. P.; Gaur, R. D.

Glass microslide as a thermal neutron fluence meter
p. 0356 | Saini, H. S.; Srivastava, A. P.; Rajagopalan, G.

Effect of Hibiscus rosa sinensis on testicular lactate dehydrogenesis of Rhinopoma kininnari Wroughton (Microchiroptera : Mammalia)
p. 0360 | Singwi, M. S.; Lall, S. B.

Letters to the Editor
Daytime ionospheric drift measurements during sporadic E over Ahmedabad
p. 0363 | Patel, V. P.; Chandra, H.

Absence of lipoproteins in serum of golden hamster mesocricetus auratus
p. 0363 | Gujral, Sunder; Patel, Nita; Lovekar, C. D.; Seth, D.

A novel cyclisation by sodium hydrogen selenide synthesis of 2,3-dihydrothieno (2,3-b) quinolines
p. 0364 | Raja, T. K.

On the occurrence of some precambrian acritarchs in the carbonaceous lens associated with dharamkot limestones Dharmasala, Himachal Pradesh
p. 0365 | Mishra, P. S.; Singh, R. Y.

Dacite pebbles from the Hoskere-Gurusiddapura conglomerate Dharwar Group
p. 0365 | Fareeduddin; Bhaskar, Appaji Amriti; Srinivasan, R.

Antibacterial activity of Rhizoctonia bataticola (Taub) Butler
p. 0367 | Chakrabarti, K.; Samajpati, N.

Effect of cycloheximide on Isocitrate lyase activity in Neurospora crassa
p. 0368 | Shinde, Mrudula; Chhatpar, H. S.

Pseudocercosporella ochracea Sp. Nov. from India
p. 0370 | Singh, S.

Fruits galls of prosopsis cineraria (L. ) Druce-A new record
p. 0371 | Sharma, A. K.; Awasthi, D. K.

Variation among flowers of androgenetic tobacco haploids
p. 0372 | Anand, V. V.; Arekal, Govindappa D.; Swamy, B. G. L.

Preliminary studies on Jamun leaf miner( Antispila anna Meyr. ) with two new parasite records
p. 0373 | Joshi, R. C.; Rao, P. Kameswara; Ali, Mir Hamid

Streptomyces dayalbaghensis Sp. Nov.
p. 0374 | Sinha, S. K.; Sharma, D. D.

A new species of phoma from Indian alkaline pond soil
p. 0377 | Rai, J. N.; Misra, J. K.

Podospora faurelii, a new competiter in the mushroom (Volvariella volvaceae) cultivation
p. 0378 | Bahl, Nita; Chowdhury, P. N.

Foam Spora from andhra Pradesh, India
p. 0378 | Manoharachary, C.; Murthy, A. B. S.

Fusarium redolens Wollenw. - A new pathogen of potato
p. 0379 | Rai, R. P.

Naemacyclus minor Butin. Phacidiales-A new record for India
p. 0380 | Sharma, M. P.; Sharma, R.

Twenty-four new hosts of the cowpea cross-inoculation group
p. 0381 | Shinde, Vijayalakshmi

Is there a proliferation of antipodal cells in Leiothrix Ruhl. (Eriocaulaceae)?
p. 0382 | Ramaswamy, S. N.; Arekal, Govindappa D.

Observations of breeding and frequency of sex in the isopod crustacean Ligia indica of Tuticorin Coasts
p. 0383 | Duraisamy, S.; Gurusamy, K.

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0385

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