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Volume 50 - Issue 03:
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General Articles
Structure of DNA-V. Sasishekharan
p. 0107 | Sasisekharan, V.

Research Articles
Evidence for infrasound in the F-region associated with thunderstorm activity
p. 0112 | Rao, B. M.; Rao, M. S.; Rao, B. R.

Incorporation of tritium due to foliar exposure in certain vegetation
p. 0115 | Iyengar, T. S.; Sadarangani, S. H.; Vase, P. K.; Soman, S. D.

pKa value of protonated 3,3-dimethyl-1-cyclobutene carboxylic acid
p. 0119 | Rao, Rama; Rajeswari, K.; Ranganayakulu, K.

A new method for the total synthesis of 1-oxo-3-thia-10-phenyl-9-methyl-9-aza-1,2,3,4,9,10-hexahydrophenanthrene
p. 0120 | Ramadas, S. R.; Krishna, M. Vijaya

Microcodium algal remains from the upper tal limestones of Phulchatti, Pauri-Garhwal Himalaya
p. 0124 | Sringarpure, D. M.; Shah, A. N.

Letters to the Editor
Statical models in bimetric gravitation theory
p. 0127 | Karade, T. M.

Thiocarboxylato derivatives of bis-pi-cyclopentadienyl-and bis-pi- indenyl-molybdenum-oxo dichlorides
p. 0128 | Goyak, K. C.; Khosla, B. D.

Erythrocyte lithium efflux and response in maina
p. 0128 | Sampath, G.; Subhash, M. N.; Rao, B. S. Sridhara Rama; Channabasavanna, S. M.

Studies on reactivity towards carbon dioxide and Mossbauer spectroscopic analysis of ferro-coke samples
p. 0130 | Mitra, P. K.; Sharma, B. K.; As, D. K.; Tewary, D. N.; Raja, K.

Discovery of uraninite in the precambrian basic rocks of bodal, Rajanandgaon District, Madhya Pradesh, India
p. 0132 | Aurora, S. N.

New mineral texture in copper sulphides of Surda copper mine, Singhbhum Shear Zone, Bihar
p. 0133 | Bhardwaj, R.

Oidium grewiae S. p Nov. and Phakopsora grewiae (Pat. and Har. ) Comm. -two new disease of Grewia asiatica L. From Jabalpur
p. 0133 | Sharma, N. D.; Jain, A. C.

Serologic relations among some blue green algae
p. 0134 | Kaushik, B. D.; Sharma, C. R.; Venkataraman, G. S.; Sen, A. N.

A new species of Mycovellosiella from India
p. 0137 | Kumar, P.; Kamal

A new seedling blight of Solanum Khasianum in India
p. 0141 | Pandey, S.; Srivastava, S. N.; Misra, S. R.

Tapetal endoploidy in safflower (Catharanthus tinctoritus L. ) Cultivars
p. 0141 | Chatterjee, A. K.; Jayaramu, M.

In vivo production of dihaploid Sorghum bicolor (L. ) Monech
p. 0142 | Murthy, U. R.; Rao, N. G. P.; Kirti, P. B; Bharathi, M.

Identification of Flatulence factors in some pulses
p. 0144 | Goel, Reeta; Verma, Jitendra

A new species of Brchystelma (Asclepiadaceae) from India
p. 0145 | Arekal, Govindappa D.; Ramakrishna, T. M.

Structure and ontogeny of stomata on the pericap of Anethum graveolens Linn.
p. 0146 | Sharma, Indu; Lamba, L. C.

A new race of Xanthomonas malvacearum in India
p. 0147 | Taneja, N. K.

On the occurrence of Ichnogenus incnyspica Linck from upper Jurasic Jaisalmer series, Rajasthan
p. 0147 | Chiplonkar, G. W.; Ghare, M. A.; Badve, R. M.

Chromosome architecture in the Earwig, Proreus Sp.
p. 0148 | Mittal, O. P.; (nee Sawhney), Veena Suri

Origin of retinol in Freshwater Fish
p. 0150 | Goswani, Umesh C.; Barua, Arun B.

Effect of Zinc on adenosine triphosphatase activity in the gills of channa functatus
p. 0151 | Khangarot, B. S.; Durve, V. S.; Rajbanshi, V. K.

Transuterine migration of theembryo in the bat, Miniopterus Schreibersii fuliginosus (Hodgson)
p. 0152 | Gopalakrishna, A.; Chari, Gopal C.; Karim, K. B.

A new species of rare spiders of the Genus Hyptiotes (Family : Uloboridae) from India
p. 0154 | Tikader, B. K.

Book Reviews
p. 0157 | Ramasarma, T.

p. 0160

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