Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 50 - Issue 02: 20 Jan, 1981
Research News
New Liquid crystalline states
p. 0047 | Chandrashekar, S.

A strategy for resolving India's oil crisis
p. 0050 | Reddy, Amulya Kumar N.

Research Articles
Analysis of possible helical structures for poly(Dinucleotides). Evidence for left-handed Z-DNA and Z-type Helices
p. 0054 | Jayaraman, S.; Yathindra, N.

Some more keys and rules for a programmable calculator
p. 0061 | Abdurazak, M. P.

Antifertility activity of (+)Gossypol
p. 0064 | Murthy, R. S. R.; Basu, D. K.

Synthesis and CNS activity of 2-Aryl-3-(Substituted Phenoxyacetyl-Hydrazono)-Methylenyl-Indoles
p. 0066 | Agarwal, Rajesh; Satsangi, R. K.; Mishra, Shobha; Tiwari, S. S.

Acquired Local and systemic Antiviral(TMV) resistance induced by treatment with T-poly(Trichothecium Polysaccharide) in Non-Hypersensitive Host plant NICOTIANA TABACUM CV, Np-31
p. 0069 | Chandra, K.; Gupta, B. M.

On the occurance of Arginase in the muscle and its role in various tissues in frog, RANA HEXADACTYLA during denervation atrophy and chronic ammonia toxicity
p. 0071 | Chetty, C. Sreeramulu; Naidu, R. Chandra Mohan; Rajendra, W.; Swami, K. S.

Prostate gland Enzymology of sexually Quiescent and Active TAPHOZOUS MELANOPOGON MELANOPOGON TEMMNICK (Microchiroptera:Mammalia)
p. 0074 | Swami, D. R.; Lall, S. B.

Letters to the Editor
A plane symmetric universe filled with perfect fluid
p. 0078 | Prakash, S.

On spherivcally symmetric electromagnetic field distribution
p. 0078 | Karade, T. M.; Tayade, Chitra

D-X System of copper bromide molecule
p. 0079 | Perumalasamy, K.; Rai, S. B.; Upadhya, K. N.

The disappearance of CESR and Mechanism of Superconductivity
p. 0081 | Ekbote, S. N.; Narlikar, A. V.

Synthesis of alpha-benzamido-beta-(2-methoxynaphthyl)-Acrylic acid
p. 0083 | Dhoubhadel, S. P.; Wagkey, P. P.; Pradhan, Sabitri Devi

A-acylation and N-bromylatiion of fused benzopyrano-benzodiazepinones under phase transfer catalysis conditions
p. 0084 | Reddy, G. Jagath; Rao, A. V. Subba

Chlorosulphonic acid as differentiating titrant in non-aqueous medium
p. 0086 | Sreeram, S. V.; Naidu, P. R.

REsponse of alpha-1 globulin of serum during inflammation
p. 0088 | Anbalagan, K.; Sadique, J.

Phenoxy antimony(V) tetrachloride
p. 0089 | Malhotra, K. C.; Mahajan, V. P.; Chaudhury, S. C.

Role of altered Karyotype in varietal differentiation of Allamanda cathartica Linn.
p. 0092 | Dutt, Roma; Bhattacharya, G. N.

Energies and economica of blue-green algal contribution to rice crop system
p. 0094 | Venkataraman, G. S.

A fruit rot disease of Papaya
p. 0096 | Saxena, A. K.; Jain, S. K.

Identification of some translocation lines in Pea (Pisum sativum L. )
p. 0096 | Kumar, H.; Jha, S. K.; Kutty, V. C. Mercy; Nigam, Neena

Cytology of triploid Hybrid of Ageratum, Linn
p. 0097 | Nazeer, M. A.; Subrahmanyam, G. V.; Madhusoodanan, K. J.; Ohri, D.

Endothecium in Cyperacear
p. 0098 | Makde, K. H

Orientation of the embryonic mass in the blastosysts of the Emballonurid Bat, Taphozous melanogaster
p. 0100 | Sapkal, V. M

Spontaneous epidermal neoplasm in freshwater aquarium Fish xephophorus maculatus (Gunther)
p. 0101 | Saxena, O. P.; Yadav, R. S.

Book Reviews
p. 0103 | Ananthakrishnan, T. N.; Sirsi, M.; Govindappa, D. A.

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