Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1980
General Articles
Analysis of fidelity image reproduction by halftone screens of specific designs
p. 0921 | Mahajan, P. N

X-ray spectroscopic and optical reflectance study of ZnCrCO4 spinel
p. 0926 | Reddy, S. S; Dakshindas, M. R; Pendharkar, A. V; Chetal, A. R.

Role of protein backbone in specific recognition of nucleic acid base sequences: a hypothesis
p. 0928 | Hosur, Ramakrishna V.

Changes in the electrokinetic potential of milk fatglogules during ageing
p. 0932 | Verma, K. V. S

Letters to the Editor
Isolation and characterization of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with the Schiff base derived from isatin and o-aminophenol
p. 0935 | Hassan, M. K; Ismail, M. I; Khalil, Z. H

Synthesis and biological activity of som ehydrazones and uredo oxadiazoles of 4-acetamido phenoxyacetic acid hydrazide
p. 0936 | Shukla, M. K; Singh, S. P; Agarwal, V. K.

Indirectspecrophotometric determination of cyanide ion through ligand exchange reaction
p. 0938 | Alam, Muzaffer

Potential Antihudroid agents VI. Synthetic and Pharmacological studies of N-Aeylformamidino-N-O-Chlorophenylthiocarbamides
p. 0939 | Upadhyaya, J. S.

Cylindrospermum Planctonicum Sp. Nov. (cyanophyta, Nostocales) from Allahabad
p. 0941 | Singh, S. P; Tiwari, G. L; Pandey, D. C

Association of Triza Obliqua with virus0like symptoms and seeds sterility in Chenoposium Amaranticolor
p. 0943 | Srivastava, K. M; Johri, J. K; Singh, B. P.

Gamma-ray induced floral mutant affecting female fertility in Capsicum L.
p. 0944 | Tare, M. P; Lakshmi, N; Rao, P. S. Prakasa

Green cotyledon mutant in mung bean [Vigna radiata (L. ) wilczek]
p. 0945 | Thakare, R. G; Pawar, S. E; Joshua, D. C

Phaeoisariopsis tephrosicola- a new speies
p. 0946 | Rao, P. Raghuveer; Annapurna, Y; Mohan, N. Krishna

The Botany of fruit stalk in groundnut: Arachis Hypogaea L.
p. 0948 | Bharathi, M; Murty, U. R.

A new species of Verticillium
p. 0948 | Kushwaha, R. K. S.

Invasion of root cortex of rice (Oryza Sativa L. ) by Beijerinckia Indica
p. 0949 | Karkhanis, Ranjana; Tike, P. R.

A note on the meiosis in two species of ticks (Acari: Ixodidae)
p. 0950 | Tripathy, N. K; Misra, S. S; Das, C. C.

Storage of spermatozoa in the epididymis of the Bat. Hipposideros Speoris (Schneider)
p. 0951 | Gopalakrishna, A; Bhatia, Deepa

Concomittant occurrence of Corynebacterium Pyogenes and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in the mouth lesions of Cobras
p. 0953 | Rao, M. Satyanarayana; Zaki, Syed; Nalini, T. S; Keshavamurthy, B. S.

Demonstration of acid alpha Naphthyl acetate esterase activity in bovine leucocytes in the peripheral blood smear
p. 0954 | Reddy, M. Vikram; Rajan, A; Sulochana, S; Nair, M. Krishnan

p. 0955

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