Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 23: 05 Dec, 1980
General Articles
Excitation and emission characteristics of pressure pretreated SrS:Mn:Ce phosphors
p. 0881 | Givental, A. B.

Design and fabrication of nonlinear halftone screen
p. 0884 | Karim,, Mohammad A.

Synthesis and spectroscopic investigations of complexes of lanthanide nitrates with n-(4-methyl-2-pyridyl)-acetamide
p. 0886 | Rajasekar, N; Soundararajan, S.

Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some bromo-substituted 1, 2-benzisoxazole derivatives
p. 0889 | Thakar, K. A.; Dumir, Achla B; Bhawal, B.M.

Variations in the cellular constituents of Aspergillus nidulans grown on different carbon sources (
p. 0892 | Seelan, R. Sathiagana; Malathi, S.; Shanmuga-sundaram, E. R. B

Letters to the Editor
Paskins theory with phonon-phonon interaction
p. 0896 | Pathak, P. D; Shah, N. P

Some studies on astrophysically significance BN moleule
p. 0897 | Mummigatti, Veerappa M; Jyothi, B.G

Effect os sunspot activity on the occurrence of M and N echoes in the equatorial region
p. 0898 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth

3-ethyl-4-benzylidene-5-mercapto 1,2,4-triazole as a new gravimetric reag NT for copper
p. 0899 | Goudar, Mahesh; Gadag, R. V; Gajendragad, M. R

Lutetium(III) myoglobin: interaction of Lu(III) mesoporphyrin IX with apomyoglobin
p. 0900 | Srivastava, T. S.

Preparation and characterization of copper(II) nitrate complexes with nicotinic acid and related ligands
p. 0902 | Ahuja, I. S; Singh, Raghuvir

Sr67/Sr56 Ratios in vempalle dolomitic limestone from pilivendla
p. 0906 | Rao, A. N. Vyasa; Murty, M. S.

Post-depositional changes in the bhima limestones form ammapur hunusagi area, gulburga District Karnataka State
p. 0907 | Sukhtankar, R. K; Parashar, V. T.

Pigment dispersion in Tilapia Mossambica peters exposed to Dichlorvos (DDVP)
p. 0907 | Rath, S; Misra, B. N.

Developmental changes in Coriandrum sativum L. anthers of plants infected by protomyces Macrosporous UNG.
p. 0909 | Srivastava, J. N; Chauhan, S. V. S.

Microsporogenesis and male gemetophyte in Jasminum pubescens willd.
p. 0911 | Bhargava, Y. R.

Kappa phage adsorption of thiamine induced pigmented cells of pigmentless serrata marcescens strain 9-3-3
p. 0912 | Patil, K. A; Dave, P. J.

Identification of ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane in Karnataka state (
p. 0913 | Teakle, D. S; Muniappa, V; Govindu, H. C.

Synergid embryo in Pennisetum Squamulation
p. 0914 | Sindhe, A. Nagabhushana Rao; Swamy, B. G. L; Arekal, Govindappa D

A new basic numbers in clitoria Linn
p. 0915 | Srivastav, P. K; Raina, S. N

Three interesting pyrenolichens from the forests of Karnataka state
p. 0917 | Patwardhan, P. G; Makhija, Urmila; Rane, Ddaya

Artificial fertilization and larval development of Cassostrea madrasensis (Preston) from porto Novo waters
p. 0918 | Somasekhar, M; Kasinath, R.

p. 0920

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