Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 22: 20 Nov, 1980
General Articles
Group reorientation in solid mandelic acid - a NMR investigation
p. 0843 | Mishra, S. C; Sircar, Ratna; Bajpai, Usha; Gupta, R. C

Studies on kawa-pyrones: synthesis of 5, 6-dehydrokawain
p. 0845 | Chandrasekaran, C

Some newer piperazino silanes as cardiovascular agents
p. 0847 | Rao, V. Prabhakara

Zn(III), Cr(III), Mn(III) and Fe(III) complexes of disalicylaldimine oxamide, -malonamine and -succinamide
p. 0852 | Narang,, K. K; Yadav, U. S

Letters to the Editor
On the growth of gypsum
p. 0852 | Raju, K. S.; Raju, K. S.

Helium neon laser irradiatio of erythrocytes: Determination of safe exposure levels
p. 0857 | Singh, Megha; Vatsala, T. M.

Reaction of 2-p-tolylazonaphthalene-1-sulphenyl bromide with resorcinol Tautomer
p. 0859 | Chaudhuri, A; Bhattacharjee, S. K; Dasgupta, S. K.

Alkenes from alcohols using triphenyl phosphine
p. 0860 | Qazi, Tariq Umer

a rapid method for uranium analysis using UA-3 'scintrex' uranium analyser
p. 0861 | Tikoo, B. N; Murty, D. S. R

Reflected aravalli trend in Rudra prayag area. Chamoli District (U. P
p. 0862 | Rawat, R. S.

Separation of auxin protectors from Zizyphus gall tissue by sephadex Gel filtration
p. 0864 | Tandon, Pramod; Arya, H. C

Altered flowering pattern in a late mutant of jute
p. 0866 | Joshua, D. C; Thakare, R. G.

Sexual dimorphism in Ophisops Jerdoni Blyth (Lacertilia: Lacertidae)
p. 0868 | Vohra, Ashwani; Duda, P. L.

Chromosome pairing in species-hybrids of solanum nigrum L complex
p. 0868 | Rao, G. R; Kumar, Anil

The meiofauna of chilka lake (Brackish water Lagoon)
p. 0870 | Sarma, A. L. N; Rao, D. G.

Transfusion cells in Isoetes Coromandelina L.
p. 0872 | Sharma, B. D; Vohra, D. R.; Singh, R

Suppressioan of plantation crops by Eupatorium weed
p. 0874 | Ambika, S. R

Toxicity of sumithion and sevin to the freshwater fish, Sarotherodon Mossambicus (Peters)
p. 0875 | Koundinya, P. R; Ramamurthy, R.

Sex ration in Acanthosents Oligospinus as Acanthocephalan Parasite from the gut of Mystus Gulio
p. 0876 | Anantaraman, Sita

Musca Domestica L. As a vector of the nematode. Harbronema Muscae, carter. 1861 (Spiruroidea) in Madras
p. 0877 | Jagannathan, Jayalakshmi

p. 0878

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