Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 21: 05 Nov, 1980
General Articles
A novel virtual bond scheme to probe ordered and random coil conformations of nucleic acids: Configurational stastistics of polynucleotie chains
p. 0803 | Neelgund, Y. F

Noise effect on human memory
p. 0808 | Bajaj, M. M; Khandelwal, O. P

A convenient synthesis of 6-methoxy-7-hydroxy-3', 4'-methylenedioxy-isoflavone
p. 0811 | Bhardwaj, D. K; Jain, S. C; Kohli, R. M; Mehta, C. K.; Manchanda, Nee

Gastric anatomy of the molossid bat, Tadarida aegyptiaca (wroughton)
p. 0813 | Bhide, S. A.

Letters to the Editor
NQR of 14N of the -CN group in some methylbenzonitriles
p. 0818 | Rao, C. V. L. Narasimha; Premaswarup, D.

Rotational structure in the C-X system of CaF
p. 0819 | Rai, A. K; Rai, S. B; Rai, D. K

Synthesis of 2H,4H,5H-sulphonylpyrano(3,2-c)(1)-benzopyran-4,5-diones
p. 0820 | Merchant, J. R; Koshi, N. M; Shah, P. J

Spoilage of mango by aspergillus Flavus
p. 0821 | Majumdar, Gopa; Modi, V. V.

Sem study of petal surface in two Taxa of Meliaceae
p. 0822 | Nair, P. K. K; Yunus, Durdana

Cytomixis in clitoria ternatea L. var. pleniflora fantz. F. Pleniflora
p. 0824 | Menon, A. R. S.

A new method for counting whitefly (Bemisia Tabaci Genn. ) populatio in mung bean [vigna radiata (L. ) Wilczek]
p. 0825 | Rangaraju, R; Chenulu, V. V

A new species of sirosporium Bubak and serebrianikow from India
p. 0826 | Manoharachary, C

A simple technique for injecting chemicals into teak
p. 0827 | Ghosh, S. K; Balasundaram, M.

Melanorrhoeoxylon Garbetaense Sp. Nov., A fossil wood pf anacardiaceae from the tertiary of West Bengal India
p. 0828 | Ghosh, Pradip Kumar; Roy, S. K.

Parasites of Aphis Gossypii G: infesting taro and Tannia
p. 0830 | Babu, G. R. V.

A new species of cercospora from India
p. 0830 | Saikia, U. N; Sarbhoy, A. K

Sexuality of polyporus leucospongia cooke and harkness
p. 0831 | De, A. B.

Toxic effects of mercury on the Gills of a Freshwater Teleost, Puntius Sophore Hamilton
p. 0832 | Khangarot, B. S; Somani, R. C.

Studies on the myoglobin concentration and its relation to function in the two chambers of ventricle of some aquatic birds
p. 0834 | Deshpande, B. R.

Enzymological anomalies in liver and kidney of Channa Punctatus after 2',4'-diamino,3'-aminoazobenzene (DAAB)exposure
p. 0835 | Goel, Krishnan A; Garg, Veena

The usual occurrence of the male of pseudocharopinus Narcinae on the gill filaments of narcine Timlei
p. 0837 | Chandran, A; Nair, N. Balakrishnan

A report on the serological evidance of porcine yersinosis in India
p. 0838 | Krishnappa, G; Zaki, Syed; Krishnamurthy, B. S.

Isolation of Acenitobactor calcoaceticus from the cervical mucus of Mares suffering from Metritis and endometritis
p. 0839 | Ranganatha, Syed; Zaki, Syed; Murthy, B. S. Kesava; Khan, C. K. Abdulla

Dreshslera cyndontis causing leaf spot disease on sudan grass
p. 0840 | Janardhan, A; Gowda, D. Nanje; Reddy, H. R; Hiremath, P. C

p. 0841

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