Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 20: 20 Oct, 1980
General Articles
Quantum aspects of gravitation
p. 0763 | Ashtekar, Abhay

A new tannin from young stem bark of Caesalpinia pulcherrima
p. 0769 | Awasthi, K. K; Kumar, Anoop; Misra, K

Dominance hierarchy and division of labour in the social wasp., Ropalidia marginata (elp. ) (Hymenoptera:vespidae)
p. 0772 | Gadagkar, Raghavendra

The structure of the pituitary gland and the seasonal numerical variations in the gonadotrophs in Rousettus leschenaulti (desmarest)
p. 0775 | Bhalchandra, B. L.

Regulation of glutamate dehydrogenase, ammonia and free amino acids in the tissues of the teleost Tilapia mossambica (peters) consequent to sublethal malathion exposure: a time course study
p. 0779 | Sahib, I. Kabeer Ahmad; Swami, K. S; Rao, K. V. Ramana

Letters to the Editor
Comments on superconductivity-A consequence of magnetic interactions?
p. 0783 | Venkataraman, Balu; Chandrasekhar, B. S; Prabhananda, B. S.

Reply to comments on superconductivity-A consequence of magnetic interactions?
p. 0783 | Ekbote, S. N; Gupta, S. K; Narlikar, A. V

A simple method of calculating the volume of any distorted coordination polyhedron in crystal structures
p. 0784 | Natarajan, S; Rao, J. K. Mohana; Vijayakumar, A. K

The dipole moment of n-butanol carbonyl adducts
p. 0785 | Shanmugasundaram, V; Mohan, R.

Dependence of dissociation constant of tri-bromide ions on temperature and solvent composition
p. 0786 | Kaushik, D; Malkani, R. K; Bakore, G. V

Isolation of 2'-hydroxy 3',4',5',6'3,4-hexamethoxy chalcone from the bark of Macaranga peltata muell
p. 0787 | Anjaneyulu, A. S. R; Reddy, D. Sivakumar

Complexometric determination of magnesium in presence of phosphite and chromate
p. 0789 | Vijayalakshamma, S. K; Rao, H. S. Satyanarayana

chemotypic studies in natural populations of Rauvolfia serpentina from certain regions of Karnataka State, India
p. 0789 | Mittal, S. P; Kazim, Mansoor; Kidwai, M. A; Mittal, K. K

Microsomal degranulation by tea Tannins
p. 0790 | Gupta, M. M; Dani, H. M

Red-cell 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and potassium homeostasis in thyroid disorders
p. 0792 | Alvarez-sala, J. L.; Espanos, D; Urban, M. A; Sicilia, J. J; Diaz-fdez, A. J

Propagation of yeast in whey, a by-product from leaf protein production plant
p. 0793 | Chanda, S; Chakrabarti, S; Bagchi, D. K

Occurrence of intracortical Azotobacter chroococcum in some monocots
p. 0794 | Tikhe, P. R; Purandare, A. G; Karkhanis, Ranjana N

Changes in aminotransperase activity and total free amino acid levels in the haemolymph of the snail indoplanorbis Exustus during larval trematodes infection
p. 0795 | Krishna, G. Venkata Rama

Asymmetrically oriented carbohydrate metabolism in scorpiob: Heterometrus Fulvipes Pedipalpi Muscle
p. 0796 | Rao, K. S. Jagannatha; Naidu, R. Chandra Mohan

Effect of precocene II on indirect flight muscle histolysis in Dysdercus cingulatus
p. 0798 | Nair, C. R. M; Prabhu, V. K. K

Erythrocytic abnormalities ue to urea stress in Cirrhinus Mrigala (Ham. ) Fingerlings
p. 0799 | Srivastava, D. K; Srivastava, V. M. S

New record for trichogrammatoidea Bactrae Nagaraja (Hym : Trichogrammatidae) as an egg parasite of the castor semilooper achaea Janata (lep: Noctuidae)
p. 0800 | Rao, K. Jai; Thontadarya, T. S; Rangadhamaiah, K

p. 0801

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