Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 19: 05 Oct, 1980
General Articles
A simple theory of thermal effects in ionic crystals
p. 0725 | Narayan, Ramesh; Ramaseshan, S.

Rearrangement reactions of 3, 3-di-p-methoxyphenylprepenoic acid on bromination in different solvents
p. 0728 | Abdou, Sadek Elsayed; Sakla, Alfy B

Enzymorphologic demonstration of d-2β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and succinic dehydrogenase in the cortical and medullary cells of the sdernal gland of Taphozous longimanus hardwicke (Microchiroptera: Mammalia)
p. 0730 | Lowry, M. L; Bhardwaj, J. C; Lall, S. B

Rhythmic variations in hepatic ammonia metabolism of toad, Bufo vulgaris
p. 0734 | Mohanachari, V; Rajendra, W; Indira, K; Swami, K. S

Energy transfer between Tb3+ and Eu3+ in DMSO
p. 0736 | Shah, J

Letters to the Editor
Mechanism of substitution of amines into cobalt(III) amine complexes
p. 0738 | Janardhan, A. S; Krishnan, V; Mahadevappa, D. S

On the kinetic studies of S(II)-S(IV) system
p. 0740 | Panigrahi, G. P; Nayak, R. N

A record of conodonts from early lower triassic rocks of Mandakpal, Kashmir Himalaya
p. 0742 | Agarwal, Prem N.

Alternaria-fruit rot of solanum Khasianum in India
p. 0743 | Hiremath, P. C; Khan, A. N. A; Janardhan, A

Induction of material haploids in maize through heat treatment of pollen
p. 0744 | Mathur, D. S; Aman, M. A; Sarkar, K. R

First record of acrophialophora-wilt of gram (cicer arietinum L. )
p. 0746 | Purkayastha, R. P; Chakravorty, B. N.

a new disease of Chillies caused by drechslera
p. 0747 | Sharma, S. R; Sohi, H. S

Some observations on species hybrids of Solanum Nigrum L. Complex
p. 0748 | Rao, G. R; Ganapathi, A

Thrips- A new record as a pest of citrus blossoms in himachal Pradesh
p. 0749 | Srivastava, S; Bhullar, J. S

Septal variation in the teliospores of Ramakrishnania (uredinales)
p. 0749 | Ramachar, P; Bhagyanarayana, G; Rao, K. Niranjan; Ganguli, Suhasini

Androgenic Chimeral Plantlets in Tobacco
p. 0750 | Anand, V. V; Arekal, Govindappa D; Swamy, B. G. L.

On a new species of Mylonchulus (Cobb, 1916) Altherr, 1956 (Nematoda : Mylonchulidae)
p. 0750 | Soni, G. R; Nama, H. S

Rivularia aquatic De wilde as a parasite on Griffithella Hookeriana Warm.
p. 0751 | Hosmani, S. P; Nagendran, C. R

Floral anatomy of Sesamum latum,/em> Thonn
p. 0752 | Sundari, K. T; Rao, P. S. Prakasa; Narayana, L. L

A new leaf gall by Trioza Gigantea Craw. (Homoptera : Psyllidae) on Vaccinium Neilgherrense W. (Vacciniaceae)
p. 0754 | Kandasamy, C.

Weeds as hosts to parasitic nematodes of rice
p. 0755 | Prasad, J. Satyanarayana; Rao, Y. Seshagiri; Zaheruddeen, S. M; Das, C. Mohana

Compensatory hypertrophy of contralateral testis and its inhibition with testosterone in the partially castrated green Frog. Rana Hexadactyla Lesson
p. 0756 | Kasinathan, S; Anandan, V; Chandrababu, S.

Morphometric changes in the field crab on adaptation to higher salinity
p. 0758 | Subramanyam, M. V. V; Krishnamoorthy, R. V

p. 0760

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