Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 18: 20 Aug, 1980
General Articles
Carboxylic group reorientation and hydrogen bonds in gallic acid
p. 0687 | Mishra, S. C; Gupta, S. C; Pande, Usha; Gupta, R. C

Floral biology and stigma-pollen maturation schedule in Isabgul plantago ovata F.
p. 0689 | Patel, N. H; Sriram, S; Dalal, K. C

A study on the neuromuscular junctions of human vastus lateralis based on their acetylcholinesterase activity
p. 0691 | Malathi, S

A new technique for the quicker separation of undamaged microsomes using ascorbic acid
p. 0694 | Jagota, S. K; Dani, H. M.

Effect of thiourea on the cytology of prolactin secreting (eta) cells in the hypophysis of the catfish, Clarias batrachus (linn. )
p. 0697 | Jayashree, R; Srinivasachar, H. R.

Alloxan induced metabolic changes in liver
p. 0699 | Mohanachari, V; Neeraja, P; Indira, K; Swami, K. S

Letters to the Editor
plane symmetric cosmological model of class one
p. 0702 | Kale, P. P; Purohit, Amita

Polymeristio of acrylamide by potassium peroxydiphosphate in aqueous sulphuric acid solution
p. 0702 | Saraswathy, S; Venkatrao, K.

Spectrophotometric determination of iron with Di-imine dioximes
p. 0703 | Riyazuddin, P

Occurrence of upper cretaceous early tertiary basaltic rocks in an offshore well, Gulf of Mannar
p. 0705 | Nair, K. Madhavan

A note on the palaeogeography of Himalaya during eocene
p. 0706 | Singh, Pratap

Effect of peanut mottle and rust on growth parameters, nodulation and nitrogen content of groundnut
p. 0707 | Mali, V. R; Mayee, C. D; Nirmal, D. D

New records of fusarial rots of petha fruits
p. 0708 | Sharma, Girjesh; Roy, A. N; Gupta, M. N.

Nucleopolyhedrosis of Amsacta Moorei, Buttler (lepidopters : arctiidae)
p. 0709 | Rao, A. S; Amonkar, S. V

Pollen morphology of two cultivars of Papaver somniferum L.
p. 0710 | Sharma, Darshan

The diffuse stage during the meiotic prophase in the hexaploid lemongrasses
p. 0712 | Subrahmanya, B. S; Jagadishchandra, K. S.

Antagonism between saprophytic and pathogenic species of curcularia
p. 0713 | Narayana, H. S; Mongia, A. K.

Some interesting observations on a terrestrial form of Cladophora growing at Allahabad
p. 0715 | Yadhava, R. N; Pandey, D. C

Combined effect of simultaneous mercury pollution of diet and water on the fish Channa (=Ophiocephalus) Punctatus
p. 0715 | Mahajan, C. L; Juneja, C. J

Radiation induced small capsule mutant in sesame (Sesame indicum L. )
p. 0717 | Murthy, G. S. S.

On new records of host plants and species of Rhyparochrominae (Lygaeidae : heteroptera)from India
p. 0719 | Thangavelu, K.

An alcohol dehydrogenase variant in Khapli wheat (Tricum dicoccum schubler)
p. 0719 | Suseelan, K. N.

Factor analysis in medicinal yam
p. 0721 | Hegde, D. M; Randahwa, G. S; Biswas, S. R; Ramachander, P. R

p. 0722

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