Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 16: 20 Jul, 1980
General Articles
Red edge effect in excited state protolytic reactions in flurescein cation
p. 0609 | Shah, J; Joshi, N. B; Pant, D. D

Trends in (n, γ) cross-sections
p. 0612 | Agarwal, H. M; Sehgal, M. L

Letters to the Editor
Studies of oxovanadium(IV) thiocyanate complexes with thioureas
p. 0612 | Jamkhandi, A. H; Murty, A. S. R.

General Articles
Organophosphate insecticide DDVP-induced increment in regional total lipids and cholesterol levels: Diminution of phospholipid concentration in different regions of the rat brain
p. 0617 | Nirmala, C. B.

Changes in the activities of two membrane-bound enzymes during solar eclipse on February 16, 1980
p. 0620 | Manjunath, R.; Menon, A. Satish; Kurup, C. K. Ramakrishna; Ramasarma, T

Sorghum based cropping systems to meet shortages of pulses and edible oilseeds
p. 0622 | Rao, N. Ganga Prasada; Rana, B. S

Letters to the Editor
Simple calorimetric method for the estimation of chlorcyclizine hydrochloride
p. 0627 | Sane, R. T; Narkar, V. S; Vaidya, U. M

Evaluation of true rate constants for the catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide-a general numerical method
p. 0628 | Raj, S. Louis; Srinivasan, V; Viswanatham, B.

Deprotonation constants of some Trans-acidopyridinebis(dimethyl-glyoximato) cobalt(III) complexes
p. 0630 | Balasubramanian, P. N; Vijayaraghavan, V. R.

Heterotic effect of chemical mutagenns in solanum melongena L.
p. 0631 | Siddiqui, B. A.

Auxin (1AA)production by Associative fungi of termite gut, Odontotermes obesus in vitro
p. 0632 | Rajgopal, Sunanda; Varma, A. K

A short note on the formation of larva-pupa intermediate after treatment with chemosterulant-penfluron
p. 0634 | Dwivedi, Sudhanshu; Chattoraj, A. N

Influence of Dikeglulac-sodium on chlorophyll degradation and chlorophyllase level in detached leaves of avena sativa
p. 0635 | Purohit, S. S; Chandra, K.

Inheritance of resistance to cercospora sorghi ellis and everH causing grey leaf spot of sorghum (
p. 0637 | Anahosur, K. H; Gowda, B. T. S.; Patil, S. H

The effect of testosterone on female gecko hemidactylus flaviviridis
p. 0638 | Duda, P. L; Vohra, Ashwani

Two new collateral hosts ofr pseucomonas solanacearum
p. 0639 | Kishen, Ram; Sohi, H. S; Rao, M. V. B

Acaphyllisa Parindiae, a new eriophyid mite pest of tea
p. 0639 | Murthy, R. L. N; Rao, G. N.

Fossil coprolites from Indian rock formations
p. 0640 | Chiplonkar, G. W; Badve, R. M; Ghare, M. A.

In vitro inactivation of rice tungro virus by plant growth regulations
p. 0641 | Thomas, Joseph; John, V. T

Aneusomaty in plantanthera susannae (Linn. ) Lindl.
p. 0642 | Garg, Vipin; Jorapur, S. M

Two new species of Marsupiobothrium Yamaguti, 1952 (cestoda : Phyllobothriidae) from Marine fishes
p. 0643 | Shinde, G. B; Deshmukh, R. A.

collar rot and leaf blight- new disease of winged Bean
p. 0644 | Sharma, S. R; Sohi, H. S.

Effect of sub-lethal concentration of sumithion and sevin on certain haematological values of srotherondon Mossambicis (Peters)
p. 0645 | Koundinya, P. R; Ramamurthy, R.

p. 0647

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