Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 15: 05 Jul, 1980
General Articles
Record discharge and severe floods in the Godavari
p. 0571 | Ramaswamy, C; Rao, Vuddagiri Subba

True potential energy curves and dissociation energy of the PS molecule
p. 0579 | Lakshman, S. V. J; Venkataramanaiah, M.

Physico-chemical studies of some transition metal complexes with hydroxy-citronellal
p. 0582 | Baslas, R.K; Nagar, Meena

Properties of the relation figure between the vertical and the horiziontal field magnetic anomalies over a long horizontal cylindrical ore body
p. 0584 | Rao, D. Atchuta; Babu, H. V. Ram

Letters to the Editor
The crystal structure of sulfisomidine
p. 0586 | Reinhardt, R; Tiwari, R. K; Singh, T. P.

A simplified synthesis of chromanones
p. 0587 | Merchant, J. R; Upasani, R. B

Effect of phenacyl pyridinium bromide on germination and seedling emergence in Cajanus Cajan
p. 0589 | Singh, U. N; Gupta, K. C; Nigam, R. K

Ultrasonic investigation of molecular interactions of carbontetrachloride with p-xylene and n-pentanol
p. 0590 | Kumar, A; Prakash, S

In situ photolysis -EST investigation of ascorbic acid-peroxodiphosphate system
p. 0591 | Maruthamuthu, P

Synthesis of 4-phenylcoumarines
p. 0592 | Satyanarayana, P.

In vitro morphogenetic studies on the gametophyte of Anogramma Leptophylla (Sw. )Link
p. 0593

Peroxidase, phenoxidase and total phenols in the spinach leaves infected with fusarium Equiseti
p. 0594 | Shankarlingam, T; Singh, T. Giridhar; Rao, S. Srinivasa; Thirupathaiah, V

Colleters on the cotyledons of in vitro raised seedlings of witchweed-Striga Asiatica (L. ) Kuntze
p. 0595 | Reddy, B. V. N; Rao, Piratla Narasimha

Two new fruit rot diseases of citrus
p. 0597 | Rajak, R. C; Gautam, S. P

Genetic system and interrelationship between solanum Retroflexum and S. Noidiflorum of S. Nigrum complex
p. 0598 | Ganapathi, A; Rao, G. R

Distortion mosaic - a new virus disease of chichpea in India
p. 0599 | Mali, V. R; Vyanjane, N. T

A new biotype of colletotrichum falcatum W.
p. 0600 | Gupta, S. C; Singh, M. P; Upadhyaya, U. C

Endosperm in ariopsis peltata Nimmo, Araceae
p. 0601 | Gowda, M. T. Govinde

Laevigatosporites ovalis wilson and webster with its sporangium from lignitic beds of Ratnagiri district
p. 0603 | Phadtare, N. R; Kulkarni, A. R

Chimeral embryoids of pollen of pollen origin in tobacco
p. 0603 | Anand, V. V; Arekal, Govindappa D; Swamy, B. G. L.

Carbon fixation in symbiotic nostoc from Cycas
p. 0605 | Garg, Aruna; Tripathi, S. N; Talpasayi, E. R. S.

Mass migration and mortality of amynthas (=pheretima) Alexandri (Beddard) (megascolecidae: oligochaeta)
p. 0606

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0607

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