Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 14: 20 Jun, 1980
General Articles
Structure and conformation of didodium guanosine-5'-phosphate heptahydrate C10H13N5O8PNa2. 7H2O
p. 0533 | Katti, S. K; Seshadri, T. P; Viswamitra, M. A

Electron-impact-induced hydrogen migration in organic molecules-III: Double hydrogen migration in substituted tetra-butylbenzoates
p. 0536 | Ramana, D. V; Sundaram, N; Mahalingam, S.

Free amino acids of haemolymph and silk gland in the developing fifth instar and spinning larva of Philosamia ricini
p. 0538 | Pant, Radha; Unni, Balagopalan

Special alimentary provision in an edentulous clupeid - Gonialosa manminna (Ham)
p. 0542 | Kaushik, N; Kapoor, B. G.

Effects of post-natal undernutrition and subsequent rehabilitation on aldolase activity in rat brain
p. 0543 | Rajeswari, T. S; Radha, E.

Letters to the Editor
Flavonoids of the flowers of Leucaena Glauca
p. 0546 | Ranganathan, R. M; Nagarajan, S

Distribution of isomorphous salts between aqueous and solid phases in fractional crystallisation: effect of added electrodes
p. 0547 | Hariharan, S; Murthy, A. S. A; Mahadevappa, D. S.

Intranasal administration of insulin reduces circulating levels of glucose in the Rhesus Monkey
p. 0548 | Kumar, T. C. Anand; Seghal, Atam; Bajaj, J. S.

An alkaline province in Andhra Pradesh
p. 0550 | Leelanandam, C.

A new occurrence of salt [NaCl] in Kangra District. Himachal Pradesh
p. 0551 | Misra, P.S

Pollination in Pergularia Daemia
p. 0552 | Vijayaraghavan, M. R; Shukla,, Avdhesh K

Effect of rock phosphate and glucose concentration on phosphate solubilisation by Aspergillus awamori
p. 0553 | Gaur, A. C; Sachar, Sunita

Relationship between hormone levels and RNA synthesis in growing fruits
p. 0555 | Seal, S. N; Sen, S. P.

Brinjal fruit rot caused by fusarium Monioliforme sheld- A new record from India
p. 0555 | Datar, V. V

Fossil wood of Terminalia from the tertiary of West Bengal
p. 0556 | Ghosh, P. K; Roy, S. K

Production of cell wall degrading emzymes by two seed borne fungi
p. 0557 | Chary, M. A. S; Reddy, S. M.

Chromosome numbers in two species of opuntia
p. 0558 | Palaniappan, R.

Development of gametophytes in Rauwolfia Beddomei Hook.
p. 0559 | Balasubramanian, V.

Facultative stomata in Griffitherlla (Podostemaceae)
p. 0561 | Nagendran, C. R; Arekal, Govindappa D.; Swamy, B. G. L

Natureal tetraploidy in chrysanthemum frutescence L.
p. 0561 | Nazeer, M. A

Morphology of larval glands of spodoptera Exigua (Hubner) (Lepidopters : Noctuidae)
p. 0562 | Nema, K. K; Singh, O. P; Gangadre, G. S

Effect of administration of synthetic ecdysome of the moulting of Palamnaeus Bengalensis
p. 0563 | Kumar, Rajesh

Some karyological observations on metialma Sp. (Coleoptera : Curcilionidae)
p. 0565 | Sharma, G. P; Pal, Vinod

On a new species of the genus indodorylaimus ali and prabha 1973 from Solanum melongena L. (Nematoda : Dorylaimoidea)
p. 0566 | Thombre, Bhaskar P; Joshi, S. A; Farooqui, M. N

Infectivity of bovine leukema virus to rabbits : Lambs and rats
p. 0567 | Bansal, M. P; Singh, K. P

Effect of corpus cardiacum extract on fecundity of Dysdercus Koenigi
p. 0569 | Ghanshani, Pushpa; Bhargava, Sudhir; Tandon, G. N

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