Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 13: 05 Jun, 1980
General Articles
Brief biographical note on Smt. Lokasundari Lady Raman
p. 0495 | Ramanathan, K. R.

Singlet oxygen induced stereoselective photo fries migration of acylamines
p. 0497 | Chawla, H. M; Mittal, Amita; Chakrabarty, Kakoli; Chibber, S. S

Synthesis of hetrocycles via lactones1-a novel synthesis of sulphur containing heterocycles2-synthesis of1-desaza-1-thia-15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 - hexa-dehydroyohimbane
p. 0498 | Pandey, Ganesh D; Tiwary, Kamla P

Study of electrokinetic potential of human erythrocytes in presence of anticoagulants
p. 0500 | Panpalia, G. M; Dorle, A. K; Rambhau, D.

Insecticide impact on contractile pattern of amphibian skletal muscle
p. 0502 | Rajendra, W; Chetty, C. Sreeramulu; Anasuya, R; Indira, K; Swami, K. S

Effect of seasonal variations starvation and cold acclimation on serum acid phosphatase activity of common indian frog Rana tigrina
p. 0505 | Singh, Kavindra; Singh, Neeru

Letters to the Editor
A note on the occurrence of N echoes in the equatiorial region
p. 0507 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth

Heat transfer in a Lattice having core dislocations at low temperatures
p. 0508 | Dubey, K. S.

A convenient synthesis of sendaverine
p. 0510 | Masood, M; Minocha, P. K; Tiwari, K. P

Synthesis and physiological activity of new schiffbases of dehydroacetic acid and their metal chelates
p. 0511 | Rao, D. Surya; Ganorkar, M. C.; Reddy, C. Sadasiva; John, V. T.

Recognition of short juvenility in Poncirus
p. 0512 | Yadav, I. S; Jalikop, S. H; Singh, H. P

A note on conversion of new male sterile lines by limited backcrossing in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides) Burm. S. and H.
p. 0513 | Sharma, J. R.

Amylase productiion by Syncephalastrum species
p. 0514 | Desai, B. M; Desai, M. B

Fundistasis due to volatile inhibitors produced by some penicillium species
p. 0515 | Singh, B. Sundara; Saksena, S. B

A new species of Pholiota from India
p. 0517 | Sathe, A. V; Deshpande, Sandhya

Is there any lethal gene in the tiger of Rewa
p. 0518 | Roychoudhury, A. K.

Chlorotic streak, A new virus disease of rice
p. 0520 | Anjaneyulu, A; Singh, S. K; Shukla, V. D; Shenoi, M. M

Karyomorphology of Leucas r. Br.
p. 0520 | Krishnan, N.

A Trisomic coffea Canephora
p. 0522 | Sreenivasan, M. S.

Mycosphaerella Ruscicola Sp. Nov. Pande, the perfect stage of cercospora Ruscicola
p. 0523 | Pande, Alaka

Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in three species of setaria (Poaceae)
p. 0524 | Bhanwra, Ravinder K; Kumar, Sanjiv; Choda, S. P

Sexuality of ganoderma Colossum (Fr. ) torrend
p. 0524 | De, A. B.

Physostigmine inhibition of cholinesterase activity in the ventral nerve cord of scorpion
p. 0526 | Venkatachari, S. A. T.

Chromosomal studies on apoderus sissu ( attelabidae)
p. 0527 | Sharma, G. P; Pal, Vinod

Tuberculosis in young calves
p. 0529 | Singh, Nem; Chandra, Manik; Kwatra, M. S; Singh, Balwant

p. 0531

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