Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 11: 05 Jun, 1980
General Articles
Effects of equatorial anomaly on whistler wave propagation a low attitudes
p. 0415 | Jain, S. K; Prakash, Ram; Singh, Birbal

p. 0418 | Matkar, S. V; Mishra, S. H; Kaushal, R.

A note on the application hilbert transform for the transformation of geomagnetic anomalies due to two-dimentional bodies
p. 0421 | Rao, D. Atchuta; Babu, H. V. Ram

A study on the lysozyme pattern in murine leukaemia and lymphomas
p. 0423 | Das, Sukta; Basu, Arun; Mitra, Amar; Chatterjee, Asish; Mitra, Santosh

Letters to the Editor
Electroluminescence in ZnO :Sm, ZnO : Sm, Cu and :Sm, Ag phosphors
p. 0426 | Tripathi, L. N; Chaubey, B. R; Mishra, C. P; Mishra, Y

An alternative synthesis of 7-O-methyl Glabranine
p. 0427 | Dayal, Rameshwar

Mossbauer studies on the complexes of Tin(IV) with some monohydroxamic aids
p. 0428 | Das, M. K; Ghosh, M. R; Zuckerman, J. J.

Gadolinium(III) myoglobin : Interacton of Gd(III) mesoporphyrin IX with Apomyoglobin
p. 0429 | Srivastava, T. S

Crystallographic study of some mixed pyrochlores
p. 0430 | Patil, S. L; Darshane, V. S.

Habit modification caused by Mono thio ethylene glycol during the electrodeposition of cadmium
p. 0431 | Krishnan, C. Radha; Nageswar, S.

Histochemical evaluation of pas reactions in the anthers of male fertile and male sterile plants
p. 0433 | Chauhan, S. V. S; Rathore, Rajesh K. S

Callus induction and growth in two varieties of Cymbopogen Nardus (L. ) rendle ( Ceylon Citronella)
p. 0437 | Srinath, H. L; Jagadishchandra, K. S

Reactions of Azospirillium to certain dyes and their usefulness in enumeration of the organism
p. 0438 | Kumari, M. Lakshmi; Lakshmi, V; Nalini, P. A.; Rao, N. S. Subba

Changes in phenolic contents of sorghum and maize cultivars resistant and susceptible to sorghum downy mildew
p. 0439 | Shetty,, H. Shekar; Ahmad, Rasheed

Effect of metabolites of Myrothecium Leucotrichum on the germination of spores of plant pathogenic fungi
p. 0442 | Suryanarayana, K; Ramalingam, A.

A new name for an Indian Grass
p. 0444 | Bhattacharyya, Sunanda; Jain, S. K.

Report on root nodule formation in eupatorium Spp.
p. 0444 | Mishra, R. R; Sharma, G. D.

Antibiotic activity of Thermophilic actinomycetes
p. 0446 | Bhakru, Kanta; Johri, Bhavdish N

A new Hansfordia Hughes from India
p. 0447 | Rao, P. Raghuveer; Rao, Sudarshan

B Chromosomes in induced octoploid of Impatiens Balsamina L.
p. 0447 | Raghuvanshi, S. S; Mahajan, Savita

B-Chromosome in Linaria Biparitqa Willd.
p. 0448 | Nazeer, M. A; Subramanyam, G. V; Ohri, D.

A tetraphyllidean Larva (Genus Phyllobothrium ?) from the ovaries of the sand crabs. Albunea Symnista and Emerita Asiatica off the Madras coast
p. 0449 | Anantaraman, Sita; Subramonian, T

New record of two caterpillars feeding on citrus in andhra Pradesh
p. 0450 | Nagalingam, B; Savithri, P

Pathomorphology of liver and bile duct of Bandicoot rat, Bandicota Indica (Bechstein); Infected with the nematode Capillaria Hepatica (Bancroft, 1893) Travassos, 1915
p. 0451 | Naidu, T. S. V; Thakare, V. K.

Root and foot-rot of Eruca sativa caused by Alternaria Alternata (FR. ) Keissler
p. 0452 | Bhargava, S. N; Shukla, D. N; Singh, Narendra

p. 0453

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