Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 10: 20 May, 1980
General Articles
Severe and catastrophic floods in the Tapi and Narmada
p. 0375 | Ramaswamy, C; Rao, Vuddagiri Subba

Study of peak frequency and bandwidth of atmospherics as a function of azimuth
p. 0380 | Gopalakrishna, S; Sitaramaswamy, P

Synthesis of 3, 5, 4'-trihydroxy-6, 7-methylenedioxyflavone
p. 0382 | Bhardwaj, D. K; Bisht, M. S; Jain, R. K; Tyagi, R. C

Some biological, haematological and histological observations in molybdenotic rats
p. 0383 | Vyas, P.

A new ant- like spider of the genus Myrmarachne (Salticidae) from India
p. 0387 | Bradoo,, B. L.

Isolation of photosynthetically active mesophyll cells and protoplasts from leaves of C3, C4, and cam plants
p. 0389 | Rao, I. Madhusudana; Gajendrudu, G; Das, V. S. Rama

Letters to the Editor
Solar flare proton fluxes in the last few million years
p. 0391 | Saran, Sunil

Determination of thymol from various formulation by gas chromotography
p. 0392 | Sane, R. T; Narkar, V. S; Karkhanis, P. P

Selenium-powerful inhibitor of xanthine oxidase activity
p. 0392 | Kela, Uma; Vijayavaroiya, R.

A new species of Pseudocercosporella (Hyphomycetes) from India
p. 0394 | Singh, R. P.

Newer basis of differentiating alternaria helminthi from alternaria chrysanthemi
p. 0394 | Mukewar, P. M; Gera, S. D.

A new leaf spot disease of chillies
p. 0395 | Sharma, S. R; Sohi, H. S.

Methanogenic organisms from fermenting lurry of the Gobar gas plant
p. 0395 | Dominic, C. J

A new collar rot disease of castor from India
p. 0397 | Siddaramaiah, A. L; Desai, S. A; Hegde, R. K

Assimilation of acetate and production of methase by cattle waste slurry
p. 0399 | Singh, Rajendra; Jain, M. K.; Tauro, P

A new record of Curvularia Gudauskasii Morgan-Jones and karr from Indian Soil
p. 0400 | Tiwari, D. P; Jacob, Alka I.

Occurrence of a ew strain of sorghum downy mildew peronosclerospora sorghi and its oospores on maize in Rajasthan
p. 0401 | Kothari, K. L; Jain, K. L.; Rathore, R. S; Singh, S. D

A new wilt disease of gram caused by Fusarium moniliforme sheld
p. 0402 | Gurha, S. N; Misra, D. P

Studies with a new growth regulator Dikegulac-sodium
p. 0403 | Purohit, S. S.

Polypeptides of parthenium chloroplasts of SDS Gels
p. 0404 | Francis, K; Radhakrishnan, R.

Histochemical studies on bovine filariid: setatia cervi
p. 0406 | Khatoon, Humaira; Ansari, Jamil A; Baqui, Abdul

Acid and alkaline phosphatases in the postembryonic stages of Pieris Brassicae L.
p. 0408 | Dhir, Santosh; Pajni, H. R

Cardiac skeleton in the heart of the anuran Amphibia
p. 0409 | Nigam, Harish C.

Steroid hormone producing sites in the ovary of two Indian Lizards, Varanus Monitor and Mabuya Trivittata: A histochemical study
p. 0410 | Sekharappa, B. M; Sarkar, H. B. Devaraj

Chromosomal study in the viviparous alatoid females of Tinocallis Kahawaluokalani (kirkaldy- (Homopters: aphididae)
p. 0411 | Datta, S; Khuda-bukhsh, A. R

Reviews and Announcements
p. 0413

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