Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 49 - Issue 04: 20 Feb, 1980
General Articles
The role of interaction with middle latitude circulation in the behaviour of the south west monsoon of 1972-1979
p. 0123 | Raman, C. R. V;  Rao, Y. P; Alvi, S. M. A

Imine derivatives of lanthanons
p. 0130 | Mital, S. P; Singh, R. V; Tandon, J. P

Rivularia like filaments from the Chitrabhanukot dolomite of the Lokapur formation, Kaladgi group, Karnataka
p. 0133 | Viswanathiah, M. N; Venkatachalapathy, V; Mahalakshmamma, A. P

Ovarian & uterine acid phosphtase of lactatin females of Pteropus giganteus giganteus brunnich (Megachiroptera: Mammalia)
p. 0135 | Jaroli, D. P; Lall, S. B.

Changes in the oxygen consumption of the maternal animal, and maternal and embryonic tissues during the gestation period of the viviparous scorpian, Heterometrus fulvipes
p. 0138 | Subburam  , V; Reddy, T. Gopalakrishna

Letters to the Editor
Debye temperature and Gruneisen constant of some cubic crystals with perovskite structure
p. 0141 | Basu, Debasri;  Verma, J. K. D

On the A-X ystem of the CuBr Molecule
p. 0142 | Misra, G. P; Tripathi, R; Rai, S. B; Upadhya, K. N

Superconductivity -Aconsequence of magnetic interactions
p. 0144 | Ekbote, S. N;  Gupta, S. K; Narlikar, A. V

Stereospecific synthesis of (Z)-M-1-bromo 1-phenyl-2-tolyl-sulphonylethylene
p. 0145 |    Naidu,, M. S. R; Prabhakara, R; Nirmala, V.

Availability aof nitrogen fixing blue-green algae in the rice fields of some districts of Bangladesh in different seasons
p. 0146 | Majid, F. Z; Khatun, Rahim

Selenium Heterocycles Part IV. Synthesis of 2,4 Dihydroselenolo(2,3-b)quinolines
p. 0147 | Raja, T. K.

A technique for permanent chloroplast preparations
p. 0150 | Jambhale, N. D; Nerkar, Y. S

Acrosporium dendrophthoae a new species from India
p. 0151 | Ramachar, P; Bhagyanarayana, G

chromosome studies in Forrestia Hookeri, Hassk. (Commelinaceae)
p. 0151 | Biswas, Bidyut Kumar

Effect of pre-press hot water treatment in processing of vegetation for leaf protein
p. 0152 | Harendranath, R; Singh, Narendra

Chromosome number of Trigonella Spinosa
p. 0154 | Ghosh, Abhoy Kumar

Introductions of 'Green Azolla' Biofertilizer in India
p. 0155 | Singh, P. K.

The development of embryo sac. Endosperm and the structure of fruit wall in Blumea Mollis (d. Don. ) Merr.
p. 0156 | Rajasekhar, G.

Collar rot of soybean- A new report from India
p. 0158 | Mathew, A. V; Nair, M. Chandrasekharan

effect of phosphobacteria on the yield and phosphate uptake of potato crop
p. 0159 | Kundu, B. S; Gaur, A. C.

A whitefly transmitted yellow mosaic disease in groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L. )
p. 0160 | Rao, A. Sudhakar;  Rao, R. D. V. J. Prasada; Reddy, P. S.

Effect of parasitism on the neurosecretary cells of the Host. Lymnaea Luteola
p. 0160 | Krishna, G. Venkata Rama; Simha, Shyam Sunder

Regional distribution of steroidogenic enzymes in the epididymis of the Lizard, Psammophilus Dorsalis (Gray)
p. 0162 | Shivakumar, G. R; Srkar, H. B. Devaraj

effect of sulfur-35 on the survival of young oocytes in mouse
p. 0164 | Reddy, K. Satyanarayana; Reddy, P. P; Reddy, O. S

Report of Leptocaris Brevicornis (van Douwe, 1904) (copepoda, harpacticoida) from India
p. 0165 | Reddy, Y. Ranga

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