Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 24: 20 Dec, 1979
Research Articles
On the Holographic Simulation of aGirard Grille
p. 1055 | Rao, S. Ananda

Ligational Behaivour of Thiosemicarbazide and Thiosemicarbazone
p. 1056 | Jain, M. C.; Sharma, R. K.; Jain, P. C.

A 3-D Model for Mitochondrion Based on Studies of Ultrathin Serial Sectors
p. 1059 | Sahai, Suman; Gupta, P. D.

Catalytic Potential of Glutamate Hydrogenase in Normal and Fatigued Gastrocnemius Muscles in Frog
p. 1062 | Rajendra, W.; Indira, K.; Swami, K. S.

Minimum Level of Phosphate in Water for Growth of Azolla Determined by Continous Flow Culture
p. 1065 | Subudhi, B. P. R.; Watanabe, I.

Letters to the Editor
Cosmic radiation effects in Dhajala Meteorite
p. 1067 | Virk, H. S.

Simultaneous drift measurements by spaced receiver technique and by barium cloud release near magnetic equator
p. 1068 | Chandra, H.

Derivations from Kohler's rule in ferromagnetic Iron
p. 1069 | Angadi, M. A.; Mulimani, B. G.

Premininary X-ray studies on N-Acety;glycyl-L-Lycine methyl ester acetate L-arginine L-Aspartate and L-Ornithine L-Aspartate
p. 1071 | Salunke, D. M.; Vijayan, M.

Debromination of dibenzalacetone dibromides with thiourea
p. 1072 | Raghavan, R. S.; Govindaraju, M.; Babu, K. G. Sanjeevi

Effect of substitution and its location on liquid crystalline properties of phenylene derivatives
p. 1072 | Vora, R. A.; Chhangawala, M. T.

Habit modification caused by chloride ions during the electrodeposition of silver from cyanide bath on Silver(III) face
p. 1073 | Kumar, G. Roop; Nageswar, S.

Zn(II) complexes aith schiff beses derived from sulphonamides
p. 1075 | Tatwawadi, S. V.; Katiyar, U. S.; Narang, K. K.

Studies on Th(IV) and Zr(IV) Complexes of oxygen donor ligands-X- Pi-Bonded complexes of Oxygen donor ligands with Oxocirconium(IV) Tetraphenylboronate
p. 1077 | Agarwal, R. K.; Srivastava, A. K.; Srivastava, T. N.

Synthesis of some substituted thioureas
p. 1080 | Pandey, Chandra Bhushan; Dwivedi, Devendra Kumar; Pandey, Arun K.

Occurrence of lead deposits in the Jutogh formation of Simla Hills. Himachal Pradesh, India
p. 1082 | Thakur, Sanjeev S.; Kumar, Ramesh

A new species of Phyllostica from India
p. 1082 | Kumar, P.; Kamal

Influence of presowing hardening on resistance to allelopathy, dry matter production, Chlorophyll content and senescence in Wheat
p. 1083 | Cowsik, R. Sarvamangala; Jayachandra

On the occurrence of Scleroderma Citrinum in India
p. 1086 | Natarajan, K.; Kannan, K.

A case of trisomy in Lathyrus Odoratus L
p. 1086 | Ohri, D.; Nazeer, M. A.; Subrahmanyam, G. V.

Colchicine induced autotrtraploids of tea [Camella sinesis (L. ) O. Kuntze]
p. 1087 | Goswamy, L. C.; Sarma, P. C.

Mass Mortality of solen truncatus (Bivalvia: Solanidae) in Tuticorin Bay. South India
p. 1089 | Hussain, M. S. M. Sahubar

Ovicidal activity of Eclipta Alba Hassk: (Compositae)
p. 1090 | Prakash, Anand; Pasalu, I. C.; Mathur, K. C.

A histochemical study on the control of lipid metabolism in the fat body of Poecilocerus Pictus (Orthoptera, acrididae)
p. 1090 | Banerjee, Smita

The effect of X-irradiation on chlorosterol content of Guinea Pig liver Adrenal and Testis
p. 1092 | Shah, V. C.; Bhatavdekar, J. M.

First report of the male of Mylonchulus Mulveyi Jairajpuri, 1970 (Nematoda:Mononchida)
p. 1093 | Ahmad, Wasim; Jairajpuri, M. Shamim

p. 1095

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