Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 20: 20 Oct, 1979
Research Articles
Strong Gravity and SO3 Gauge Field
p. 0883 | Usha, C.; Sinha, K. P.

Bifunctional Tetradentate Alcimine and Ketamine Derivatives of Zirconum(IV)
p. 0886 | Sharma, R. K.; Singh, R. V.; Tandon, J. P.

Mechanism of Urea Adduct Formation
p. 0888 | Sharma, K. P.; Singh, N. N.; Kini, K. A.

Premunity in Wilt Disease of Cotton
p. 0890 | Muruganandam, V.; Kalyanasundaram, R.

Embryology of Pittosporaceae-II
p. 0892 | Narayana, L. L.; Sundari, K. T.

Letters to the Editor
Conversion coefficient of the 96 keV transition in 79Se
p. 0894 | Reddy, D. Sudhakara; Vivekananda, P.; Narasimha, K. L.; Lakshminarayanan, V.

X-ray analysis of monosodium cytidine-5'-diphosphoethanolamine:C11H19N4O11P2Na. 7H2)
p. 0895 | Katti, S. K.; Viswamitra, M. A.

Effect of sector boundary passage on the daily variation of equatorial geomagnetic field
p. 0896 | Sastri, J. Hanumanth

Intrinsic viscosity molecular weight relationships and unperturbed dimensions of polystyrene from different theoretical relations
p. 0898 | Reddy, G. Venkataramana; Radhakrishnan, Ganga; Nagabhushanan, T.; Santappa, M.

Synthesos and spectral characteristics of some mixed ligand Co(II) complexes
p. 0901 | Jain, R. K.; Joshi, G. K.; Misra, Sudhindra N.

Range of dictyoconoides Flemingi Davies, 1937 and the age of Sabathu group of rocks of India
p. 0903 | Soodan, K. S.

Some studies on the biology of Coccinella Undecimpunctata Memetriesi Muls. - A predator of mustard Aphid
p. 0904 | Singh, R.; Malhotra, R. K.

A new species of paneolus from India
p. 0905 | Sathe, A. V.; Daniel, Jeyson

Regeneration of plants from apical meristem tips of some legumes
p. 0906 | Bajaj, Y. P. S.; Dhanju, M. S.

A new chromosome number for Balanophora abbreviata Blume
p. 0907 | Shivamurthy, G. R.; Arekal, Govindappa D.

Pollen morphology of cotyledon Grandiflora and Echeveria Sp. and their hybrid
p. 0909 | Rao, P. Mamatha; Kumar, C. Ravi; Nair, P. K. K.

Some promising farly dwarf mutants in barley var. Clipper
p. 0910 | Chandra, Avinash; Makde, K. H.

A new species of Stenellopsis
p. 0912 | Singh, S. M.

Coniothyrium Fuckelii causing leaf spot of Prunus Cornita steud
p. 0913 | Ram, R. D.

Occurrence of Azotobacter within the root cells of Cynodon Dactylon
p. 0913 | Bhide, V. P.; Purandare, A. G.

Correlated response in Amaranthus Hypochondriacus L.
p. 0914 | Pandey, Ram Milan

Effect of root-knot nematode on the susceptibility of pusa purple cluster brinjal to bacterial wilt.
p. 0915 | Reddy, P. Parvitha; Singh, D. B.; Kishun, Ram

Leaf mutants induced with NMU and Gamma Rays in lenthil (Lens Culinaris Medic. )
p. 0916 | Sharma, S. K.; Sharma, B.

Mound layers of cashew (Anacardium Occidentale L. )
p. 0918 | Menon, M. A.; Nagasbushanam, S.

A model for the generation of T Cell receptors
p. 0919 | Seshi, B.

Influence of an oral contraceptive on steroidogenesis
p. 0920 | Mukherjee, Chitralekha; Banik, Suchitra; Deb, C.

p. 0922

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