Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 18: 20 Sep, 1979
Research Articles
In Vitro changes and Recovery of Erythrocytes Shape in Induced Atherogenesis in Rabbits
p. 0797 | Vatsala, T. M.; Singh, Megha

4-Dimethylamino Pyridine-1-Oxide Complexes of Lanthanide Perchlorates
p. 0799 | Navaneetham, N. S.; Soundararajan, S.

Mass Spectral Studies on Schiff Base Complexes of Germanium (IV)
p. 0802 | Singh, R. V.; Tandon, J. P.

Implications on the Tectonic Setting of Gabbroic Anorthosite Occurences around Gundlupet, Karnataka
p. 0804 | Janardhanan, A. S.; Kumar, G. R. Ravindra; Swamy, N. Shadakshara

Mitrochondrial Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity in Arachis Hypogea L. Seedlings under the Stress of Chlorides and Carbonate of Sodium
p. 0807 | Rao, K. Srirama; Das, V. S. Rama

Letters to the Editor
Estimation of bond order for the bonds involved in benzyl chloride and benzyl bromide
p. 0809 | Kumar, V.; Verma, U. P.; Pandey, A. N.

New band system of NiBr molecule in the near ultraviolet region
p. 0809 | Darji, A. B.; Shah, N. R.

Cu(II), Ni(II) and Fe(II) chelated of 4'-Methyl, 4,-hydroxy,3-carboxy azobenzene
p. 0810 | Goswami, S. D.

Information on the internal fields through Beta-Gamma directional correlation in H0-166
p. 0813 | Rao, M. Srinivasa; Lakshminarayana, S.; Rao, V. Seshagiri; Sastry, D. L.

Hydrogenperoxide-A new spray reagent for flavones and quinones
p. 0813 | Masood, M.; Pandey, Ashok; Tiwari, K. P.

Chemical examination of the fruits of Garcinia Xanthochymus
p. 0814 | Baslas, R. K.; Kumar, Pradeep

Spectrophotometric method for the direct determination of cysteine in the presence of other naturally occurring amino acids
p. 0815 | Krishnan, R. Rama; Siraj, P.; Sastry, C. S. Prakasa

Cations of tetraphenoxy niobium(V) and tantalum(V) chlorides
p. 0816 | Malhotra, K. C.; Banerjee, U. K.; Chaudhru, S. C.

A report on the occurrence of Gyrochorte and other bilobed trace fossils from the Raisalmer formation. rajasthan
p. 0817 | Kumar, Arun

Tetrazolium reduction in a heterocystos Blue-green alga
p. 0818 | Rao, P. S. N.; Swami, U. B. S.

A simple technique for studying cytology of male gametophyte in angiosperms
p. 0818 | Bhaskar, V.

Ethrel-induced inhibition of pistil in Solanum Indicum L.
p. 0819 | Kharbteno, J. S.; Chauhan, Y. S.

Pseudocercospora Celastri Sp. Nov. from India
p. 0821 | Singh, S.

Inheritance of pigmentation in Ocimum Basilicum Linn.
p. 0822 | Naragund, V. R.; Krishnan, R.; Kumar, T. Vasantha

A New species of Calophyllum from the miocene beds of Birbhum district, West Bengal, India
p. 0823 | Ghosh, P. K.; Roy, S. K.

A Basmati (Sented) sorghum from Madhya Pradesh
p. 0824 | Rao, K. E. Prasada; Murty, D. S.

Occurrence of mixed infections of virus and protozoa in two species of lepidoptera
p. 0825 | Narayanan, K.; Jayaraj, S.

Heterosis in inter-mutant hybrids of Sesamum Indicum L.
p. 0825 | Murty, G. S. S.

The trigeminal nerve and its branches in a non-poisonous snake, Natrix Piscator Piscator schneid, and a poisonous snake. Naja Naja Naja Linn
p. 0827 | Agarwal, P. N.

Effect of sodium cyanide on tissue energy reserve in a fresh water catfish Clarias batrachus (Linn,)
p. 0829 | Sastry, S. A.; Prasad, D. Y.

Liver necrosis and hypertrophy in 'Vacor' administered field rats
p. 0830 | Devi, S. V. Usha; Krishnamoorthy, R. V.

Effect of gall midge attack in paddy at flowering stage
p. 0832 | Rajamani, S.; Pasalu, I. C.; Mathur, K. C.

Comparative study of inhibition of acetylcholinesterase activity in the freshwater teleost Sarotherodon (Tilapia) Mossambica (Peters) by sevin (Carbamate) and sumithion (Organophosphate)
p. 0832 | Koundinya, P. Ranganatha; Ramamurthy, R.

The endocrine component of the testis of the catfish, Clarias Batrachus (Linn. ) : A histochemical study
p. 0834 | Rao, G. P. Sathyanarayana; Nadkarni, V. B.; Rao, M. Appaswamy

Effect of DDT on Succinate and glutamate dehydrogenase activities in selected tissues of frog (Rana Hexadactyla)
p. 0835 | Anasuya, R; Gajalakshmi, V.; Rajendra, W.; Indira, K.; Swami, K. S.

The Institute of Physics, 47, Belgrave square, London Swix 8QX
p. 0838

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