Current Science
A Fortnightly Journal of Research
ISSN 0011-3891
Volume 48 - Issue 15: 05 Aug, 1979
Research Articles
Synthesis of Proanthocyanidin- A New Leucocyanidin Trimer (4-8, C-O-C)
p. 0661 | Agarwal, Sudhir; Kumar, A.; Misra, K.

Synthesis of 2',4',-Dihydroxy-3'-Methyl-2,2-Dimethylpyrano(5,6;5',6')Chalcone
p. 0663 | Manchanda, V. P.; Gupta, R. B.; Khanna, R. N.

Mechanism of Pyridine Inhibition of iA, Anti iA Binding
p. 0666 | Jayabaskaran, C.; Sugumaran, M.; Jacob, T. M.

Karyological Studies on four Species of Lizards from Peninsular India
p. 0667 | Rao, S. Krishna; Aswathanarayana, N. V.

Accumalation of Mercury by the Mussel Perna Viridis Linnaeus
p. 0672 | Lakshmanan, P. T.; Nambisan, P. N. Krishnan

Letters to the Editor
Non-Existence of anially symmetric massive complex scalar fields in Rosen's theory of gravitation
p. 0675 | Karade, T. M.; Dhoble, Y. S.

A method of determining the source spectrum of the return stroke of atmospherics
p. 0676 | Gopalakrishnan, S.; Sitaramaswamy, P

Qualitative check phosphorus distribution in neutron irradiated silicon crystals using auto-radiography
p. 0678 | Nangia, O. P.

Fission track age of tektities found in recent sediments
p. 0679 | Virk, H. S.; Corekell, R. H. Mc.

A novel disulphide formation during the cyclodehydration of 3-deoxy-12-thia-8,14-Seco-1,3,5(10),6,8-estraphentaen-14,17-dione
p. 0680 | Ramadas, S. R.; Chenchaiah, P. Ch.

Formation constants of the chelates of 20hydroxy-1-naphthalidene-orthobromoaniline with soem bivalent metal ions
p. 0681 | Mayadeo, M. S.; Chaubal, A. M.

Pharmacological studies on macrocyclic polyether 15-crown-5
p. 0682 | Sankaranarayanan, D.; Gopalakrishnan, C.; Nazimudeen, S. K.; Viswanathan, S.; Kameswaran, Lalitha; Krishnan, V.

Dehydration of cholestanol by anhydrous-copper sulphate
p. 0683 | Shankaranarayana, K. H; Ayyar, K. S

A convenient method of blood collection from rat for experimental studies
p. 0684 | Joshi, L. D.; Singhal, P. C.; Gupta, R. K.

A petrified strobilus of selaginella
p. 0684 | Singh, R. B.; Path, G. V.

A granulosis virus of sugarcane shoot borer, chilo Infucatellus Snell. (Lepidopters : Crambidae)
p. 0685 | Easwaramoorthy, S.; David, H.

Chromosome number in some sansevieria species
p. 0686 | Nazeer, M. A.

Viral, Wilt-A new disease hitherto unrecorded on cotton
p. 0687 | Mali, V. R.

A new base number for the genus Bunium L.
p. 0688 | Koul, A. K.; Hamal, Irshad Ahmad

Occurrence of vessels in Helminthpstachys Zeylanica (Linn. )
p. 0689 | Madan, Parkash; Bhambie, S

Isomerism in flowers of Azanza Lampas Dalz ( Malvaceae)
p. 0690 | Sanjappa, M.; Bhatta, R. P.; Dasgupta, Aparna

Morphology of pollinial apparatus in secamonoideae, asclepiadaceae and its systematic value
p. 0691 | Arekal, Govindappa D.; Ramakrishna, T. M.

Chilorolepiota-A new genus of Agaricales (Mushrooms) from India
p. 0693 | Sathe, A. V.; Deshpande, Sandhya D.

Accessory chromosomes in Trigonella Corniculata
p. 0695 | Lakshmi, L. N.; Rao, T. Venkateswara

Occurrence of perithecal stage of SphaerothecaFuliginea on muskmelon (cuccumis Melo L. ) from Bangalore (Karnataka State)
p. 0696 | Ullasa, B. A.; Sohi, H. S.; Amin, K. S.

Uromyces Pavgii Goswami Et Ngachan- A new rust Taxon on Achyranthes Aspera L.
p. 0697 | Goswami, R. N.; Ngachan, S. V.

Gamma ray effects on heterostyly in Solanum Khasianum clarke
p. 0698 | Chauhan, Y. S.; Ravindran, S.

Corpora allata of Postelectrotermes Nayari (Isoptera : Kalotermitidae)
p. 0699 | Verma, R. V.

Some observations on the Miracidium of Singhiatrema Longifurca simha 1958 (Trematoda : Echinostomatidae)
p. 0699 | Rao, K. Hanumantha

Carriage of a distinct isolate of potato virus Y in Solanum Nigrum L.
p. 0701 | Krishna, Ram; Srivastava, K. M.; Singh, B. P.

External sexual characters in the Juvenile stages of the lemon-Butterfly, Papilio Demoleus
p. 0702 | Srivastava, K. P.; Kumar, P.

Plectonchus Cucumis sp. N. (Nematoda, Panagrolaimidae) from Cucumis Melo Var. Phut
p. 0703 | Nama, H. S.; Soni, G. R.

The Aphidological Society, India
p. 0704

Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship
p. 0704

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